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Date: Tue, Feb 9, 2021 at 5:33 PM
Subject: Uniting Essex / Mental Health Awareness / Council Initiative / Choir
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To the Parish Clerk,

While the pandemic keeps us apart it’s more important than ever to feel connected and I am sure that working on ways to support the local community in regards to health and wellbeing has been included in your recent discussions. 

I feel it is incredibly important that this issue is raised up and I've linked up with the mental health awareness charity MIND to support this cause and bring something special to people in Essex.



FREE TO ALL - weekly online singing sessions


The aim of the choir is to combat signs of cabin fever experienced by increasing numbers of people during the pandemic.  Targeted to Essex residents with the aim to bring people together to form a virtual community and feel they are connected to the region again.


I am writing to you in the hope that you will support and inform your residents of this new initiative launching on March 1st 2021 which I feel will have a huge positive effect on many, especially those suffering loneliness or isolated.   

If the word can be spread far and wide by email, newsletter and social media then that would be fantastic and I would like to ask that you might do this through the channels available to you and your contacts (a reach greater than I could achieve in the next couple of weeks).  

I hope you'll take the time to read on...

My name is Emma and I am choir leader for The Sound Collective Chorus – an Essex based Community Choir.  
Due to COVID-19 we moved our rehearsals onto ZOOM and are still together singing so I have a lot of experience running singing sessions online.

On winning a council 'service of recognition' award for 'Creativity' and bringing people together in Lockdown I decided to develop the idea further and now have all the promotion and webpage ready to launch this venture to get Essex united. 

The research and proof behind the well-being and mental health benefits of singing is extensive.  



Keep Singing, Stay Safe, Stay Sane!


Those joining will learn a great song each week to sing together with a sprinkling of harmonies and backing vocals as optional and leave uplifted.

In the Cabin Fever Choir you can sing loud and proud as nobody can hear you!  Due to time delays everyone except the choir leader has to be muted but you will still gain so much seeing others on screen singing with you, waving and smiling and knowing that there is still life outside your four walls!- An online free virtual choir uniting people across Essex with great songs to boost our moods and raise our voices!




Sessions will be weekly and free but those that want will have access to a link where they can donate to the charity MIND but this will be a soft mention.

Since singing has been proven to be a natural anti-depressant releasing endorphins (and prescribed by Doctors for wellbeing) it is the perfect cause for us to sing for plus taking part, feeling connected, having a distraction and seeing others on screen singing with you, waving and smiling and knowing that there is still life outside your four walls cannot be underestimated!
Also last week saw the release of news reports that singing lessons will help long covid sufferers so singing and mental health and wellbeing go hand in hand and is an issue that needs to be spoken about with so many struggling in this pandemic, especially with anxiety, depression and loneliness.

As nobody can hear each other people have permission to sing as loud as they like and it doesn’t matter what they sound like!
Maybe they never though they were good enough to be in a choir but they are for a virtual one!

This initiative also connects people who might otherwise not feel able to join a group if it was face to face.
The MOTTO for Cabin Fever Choir is "Worry Less, Sing More"!  And ‘Keep Singing, Stay Safe, Stay Sane!”

Here is the promotional video for Cabin Fever Choir so you start to get a better idea....

and of course there is lots of info on the website.

I would be happy to have a zoom call or discuss further but hope as I said in the opening paragraph that you will support this and take steps to getting the word out asap.

Hope to hear from you soon

Kind regards
Emma Durrant (aka Harmony)

Emma is a professional singer and choir Director based in the UK who sees her primary role as the creator of spaces where people come together, shine, sing and create special moments.
(Choir Director)
07889 248620

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