School Lanes "Every Leaf Counts Awards "

Due to the Better Homes Externals schedule

we will not be holding the garden awards in 2014 & until further notice


2013 was sponsored partly by Pick Of the Bunch

Thank you to all who took part 


We  give credit to those who help to make our environment ‘Green here on the estate,

Updated October 2013

pink flower 


last  years judges were

Cllr Malcolm Self

Preeti Kauffman

Neighbourhood Police


Lets hope the sun stays out to help our gardens bloom but remember to water sparingly and not when the sun is on your plants




 Every leaf does count!

Last year there were some stunning displays (even though only temporary) and who knows maybe next year there will be all year round displays.

If it makes you smile, it’s good for the environment!
 Why not try.

Hanging baskets, always a favourite

Unusual containers …
Dad’s old shoes! an old football filled with plants & what about that dolls pram that’s been in the shed forever?
Put them to good use, Recycle!
Example Categories

 1. Small Garden (under kitchen window) 
2. Balcony display
3. Large  garden (where residents have adopted larger areas to plant)
4. Sheltered Residents

There is no need to submit an entry form , every garden and balcony will be judged automatically.
Prizes will be awarded  at the presentation event later in the year
Points are given for a clean, neat & child friendly basis, colour interest, and effort as well as environmentally friendly plants
If you would rather not participate please use the contact details on the Contact Us page and we will remove you from the list.

ELC 2013 part sponsors
2013 sponsors

Know anyone who might donate a Prize …. Email us and give us the info
previous sponsors have been
Amberol, Quadron, Surrey Flower Service, Surbiton Neighbourhood,