Garages & Parking

update from Iona McConnell.

With regards to the garages, the Repairs team have recruited a project manager to look after various projects including garage demolition. She has recently joined and one of her first priorities will be to develop a plan of demolition so that we can programme these works.



We are now finally ready for the consultation to go out on the parking enforcement. This will come out in the next week. As a reminder we are consulting on parking enforcement for housing land only - so not the highways road that runs through the estate.

The outcome of the consultation will go to Housing Sub Committee in September for a decision about taking forward parking enforcement. This will only go ahead if there is clear   resident support for this


23rd July survey form coming out to residents. There needs to be approx. 30% of residents (of those that respond) in favour of permits for it to be authorised on School Lane

P parking

At the residents meeting an animated discussion of various views regarding parking permits etc. was held, the members in general were in favour of residents permits and requested a meeting to discuss their ideas and concerns with RBK

Some as follows

a. Suggested CPZ ( Contrlled Parking Zone) on highway land around land on School Lane

b. suggested allocated bays 1 per household only

c. Police suggested Dropped bollards (with keys) used for allocated parking bays

d. Pavement parking could that be included in residents permit area

e. Enforce No parking in front of gated entrance to garages 1-18 (housing land) and area in front of Community centre (housing land)

f. 1 permit per household Only

g. Will residents have visitors permits

h. After demolition how many bays will be created as present bays are not wide enough

i. Will the Parking space (present bays ) have additional lighting & or security as they are in a blind spot from residents homes.

WRITE your ideas on the consultation form



    flame                          SAFETY                                flame

Fire safety advice leaflets were made available at the recent meeting and residents are reminded to


Pathways infront of Front doors, balcony walkways & screen doors free

from plant pots, toys, chairs etc as they are emergency exits in all directions



    Some Resident’s dogs

have been seen in the fenced areas of the main green which has a gate

dog poop              dog poop              dog poop


This area is NOT for dogs but a safe area for children to play

Please keep your dog OUTSIDE the fence

Will responsible owners please fill in ASB sheets and identify dogs fouling in communal areas