Open the Pool

WHY are we proposing the pool is opened as soon as possible ?

The reality is this pool should never have been put in doubt of re-opening post COVID-19 lockdown.  Bristol City Council know how the community feel about this pool from two previous efforts to close it in the last ten years. Despite this they have set in place a strategy which results in the closure of this much loved, much needed community resource.  The pool has been designated "at end of life" by Bristol City Council and as such they have under invested in the building for years.

The council are unwilling or unable to provide us with the data on which basis they are deeming the pool to be finacially unviable. They are claiming the pool is underused and that there is not enough footfall to justify its upkeep. Working on the basis of bad data (at best) or a concerted effort to remove this invaluable resource from the community we must act quickly to ensure the Pool is opened.