Jubilee Lanes

WHAT skills do we need ?

We need the following skills in order to continue the challenge to open the pool :

  • Enthusiastic people to engage the wider community to join in supporting us to lobby the Mayor and the Council that they are making a grave error
  • People with contacts at schools and groups in the area where children are being prevented from swimming due to lack of provision
  • People with contacts with Parkwood Leisure to discover if they will look at operating the pool until 2022
  • People with knowledge of the Council operations in order to discover if they are set up to taking over the running of the Pool internally
  • People who are really good at getting the attention of the administration and press to continue the spotlight on this injustice
  • People who can come up with fun ideas to engage the community with activities which continue the focus on this campaign
  • Legal folks (look into the consultation document and identify if all is legal and above board)
WHEN do we need people to get involved in this and for how long ?

As soon as possible and until the Pool has successfuly opened it's doors.

HOW do I sign up for a Swim Lane ?

Send an email to savejubileepool@hotmail.com with your name and stating that you would like to volunteer to assist with Swim Lane <1,2,3,4,5,6> (remove as approriate).

Note: By sending in an email your email address and name will only be used for communications surrounding the Save Jubilee Pool Campaign.