Jubilee Campaign 2020 Timeline

Jubilee Pool in Knowle is under threat from closure by Bristol City Council for the third time in ten years.

Currently closed due to Covid, we are campaigning for the pool to be re-opened with immediate effect post lockdown, and then, working with the Council and Operator, we are seeking to find a long-term solution to ensure it will remain open for future generations. 

Our campaign began in the summer of 2020 and very quickly gained momentum. A petition of some 4,500 people was delivered to the Bristol Mayor, Marvin Rees and Bristol City Council in August, which resulted in a debate and "Golden Motion" at full council meeting on the 8th September.

The motion included statements to withdraw the threat from the pool, allocate the necessary capital to reopen the facility and honour the previous agreement with provider Parkwood Leisure, to maintain the public amenity until at least 2022. Unfortunately, following the debate, this motion was almost entirely rewritten, and a more modest proposal was voted through by the Mayor and Labour councillors, which sought to extend the consultation period by one month and set up a cross-party group to explore previously discounted options. 

The cross-party working group have now met several times to hear evidence from (amongst others) the Council's own sport and recreation office, the operator, Parkwood Leisure, and most recently, the Friends of Jubilee Pool. It will continue to convene over the next couple of weeks, before putting foward its proposal to the Mayor at the end of December. The Friends of Jubilee Pool would like to publically thank the working group for their on-going efforts, and for putting their political allegiances aside to secure the reopening of Jubilee Pool and ensure its long-term viability. 

At the same time, the extended consultation period ended on 8 November, and, following a huge communications campaign by the Friends, Bristol City Council have reported much higher-than-expected responses from the public on what they feel the future of Jubilee should be. A report from the Council will be available in January 2021. 

Jubilee Pool is at the heart of the BS4 community; it is well used and loved by many people across South Bristol. The community is determined to ensure this pool is re-opened ASAP and the constant attack on this much needed public resource is thwarted once and for all. 

All help and offers of assistance are most welcome.  You can find further information on how you can help in the "How can I get involved" section ( here you will see a number of swim lanes which require resources to ensure the best possible option for the current and future well-being of the pool). We are currently looking for people who are interested in joining us to form an 'unconstituted group', which will be the basis of any potential asset transfer process going forward.

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