RYW_header.pngITV Weather Goddess, Sian Lloyd, supports the #rt4towns network

Revive_and_Thrive_logo.pngRetweet For Towns Day, #rt4towns, is an

annual event encouraging a display of pride in  our town and city centres. On the day of the second annual event nearly 6,000,000 twitter streams received good news stories from 157 communities across the Country.

#rt4towns is delivered by volunteers through www.reviveandthrive.co.uk supported by ITV Weather Lady Sian Lloyd as well as the Association of Town Centre Management www.atcm.org and sponsored by Reward Your World www.rewardyourworld.com Currently plans are underway to create an army of passionate high street volunteers around the country to deliver a percentage shift for good in our high streets

One of the outcomes identified from Retweet For Towns Day, March 2013, was that whilst residents love where they live they did not recognise shopping as being one of the reasons for this love. Through #rt4towns we wish to highlight to residents and visitors that whilst we might be emotionally attached to where we live if we don’t support the SME retailers in the high streets then our towns cannot survive

One of the plans to address this is to run monthly campaigns across the UK through the #rt4towns volunteers that create small percentage uplifts in income. In the very near future #rt4towns will be a year round event building to an annual event each March. 

If you would like to register to be one of our #rt4towns supporters please fill in the contact form here - http://bit.ly/11hJ86V