We are conducting research to find out why they love your Park House Gardens, Twickenham. We know that House Sparrows like established habitats and territories in hedges, trees, and in roofs. It is good to note that they do not like to be disturbed. 

Over the last two years we have collected sightings from the public and Park House Gardens has been a regular sighting area. There are some trees, shrubs and roofs that the Sparrows clearly love in Park House Gardens.

Do you know House Sparrows are an endangered species?
Monitoring suggests a severe decline in the UK House Sparrow population, recently estimated as dropping by 71% between 1977 and 2008 in both rural and urban
populations. The decline in England continues.* Noisy, gregarious, constantly chattering and socialising, House Sparrows often live close together with each other and with people, making use of our roofs, walls, hedges and nooks and crannies to nest and live in.
Please can you help us by answering the following questions:
1. Are you aware that Sparrows live in your street? Yes / No
2. Do they live in your roof, garden or visit your garden?
3. Do you feed the Sparrows? Yes / No
4. Are you interested in, or care about, Sparrows living in your road?
5. Are you aware of any other particular reasons why they live here?
Please can you contact us with your answers, preferably by email, by Thursday 30th June. Please include any other information that may help us. You can also call us with any questions.
This research will be used to understand how Park House Gardens Sparrows can thrive in Richmond Borough. We will be back in touch with our findings in due course.
0208 892 0590 (answerphone)
Sparrow Project, ETNA Centre, 13 Rosslyn Road,
St Margarets, TW1 2AR.
Twitter: @richmondsparrow
This research is part of the Springtimes environment, art and education programme, a partnership project between South West London Environment Network and Orleans House Gallery on Twickenham Riverside, to share the excitement and the importance of nature and biodiversity in Richmond Borough.
SWLEN convenes the Richmond Biodiversity Partnership which brings together organisations and partners from across the borough to conserve and enhance biodiversity. The House Sparrows Species Action Plan is part of our work.