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Please note that this website is no longer being updated: please go to the new Richmond and Kingston ME website here.



 We are a support group for people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). If you have or know someone who has this condition and need support, you are very welcome to join us. Click here for details.



Next Group Event


Coffee Afternoon — Squire’s Café, Fulwell


 Friday, 5 January 2018, 2.30pm — Squire’s Café, Squire’s Garden Centre, corner of Wellington Road and Sixth Cross Road, Fulwell, Middlesex TW2 5PA — 267, 281, 290, 481 and R70 buses stop nearby, Fulwell station just down the road.


Call 07984 860 309 or e-mail randkmegroup@yahoo.co.uk for more details



We Need a Group Secretary!

The Richmond and Kingston ME Group is looking for a trustee to fill the role of Secretary.
We are looking for someone who has some understanding of ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) who can work with our Committee to help support our members, raise awareness of ME and campaign for better local and domiciliary services. We are a user-led group with around 170 members. There are six Committee meetings a year, which are held in a friendly but professional atmosphere. 
The successful applicant will need to have organisational ability, working knowledge of computers, some knowledge or experience of committee procedures and good people skills.
We do not have premises, but work mainly from home, through e-mail, so we need someone who would be happy to work this way. We are a friendly Group and Committee. Committee members support each other and would extend this support to you as volunteer Secretary.
There are no set hours/days of work, we are looking for someone who is flexible and can provide occasional extra help when needed. 
This role might appeal to a retired person who would like to use their skills for the benefit of the community or to someone wishing to improve their skills and experience as a stepping stone towards an eventual return to work.
Examples of ways to support the Committee include:
1. Liaise with Committee to plan meetings and organise the location for them.
2. Receive agenda items from Committee members, circulate agenda and reports.
3. Check that agreed actions are carried out.
4. File minutes and reports, as well as Groups Constitution and other governing documents.
5. Compile lists of names and addresses from people and organisations useful to the Group.
6. Respond to Committee’s correspondence.
7. Recruit and manage volunteers
8. Assist or fill in for Minutes Secretary/ Membership Secretary or other Committee members if they are unable to fulfil their role through ill health.
9. Attend consultation meetings and meetings with other voluntary organisations on behalf of the Group.
10. Other ad hoc duties as necessary. Willingness to participate in the general running of the Group, occasionally to host coffee events in local cafés and to participate in event planning and attendance would also be welcome.


If you are interested in taking up this post, please contact us — Answerphone: 07984 860309 — E-mail: randkmegroup@yahoo.co.uk


Other Vacant Posts


Assistant Editor: Finding, collating, writing and editing articles for our quarterly newsletter.

Other Areas In Which We Need Expertise

* Web and tech support/development.

* Social media, especially Twitter and other platforms likely to reach young people.

* Welfare/benefits advice/signposting.

* Member support and information/counselling/listening line.

* Advocacy and possible volunteer management.

* Liaison, awareness raising and training with local NHS, agencies and schools — attending local meetings, sustaining contacts, getting ME on the local agenda for NHS Commissioning, etc.

* Campaigning/marketing/liaison, including with local MPs and national bodies, responses to national consultations, etc.

* Liaison with other London and National ME Groups, ME campaigns, petitions and charities.

* Safeguarding policy.

* Fundraising — bearing in mind current trustees are low on energy for most activity.

If you are able to help us in respect of the above post and areas of expertise, please contact us — Answerphone: 07984 860309 — E-mail: randkmegroup@yahoo.co.uk 


Annual General Meeting 2017

Saturday, 4 November, 2.30pm

Stanley Primary School, Strathmore Road, Teddington TW11 9UH

The Richmond and Kingston ME Group Committee invites you to its Annual General Meeting, on Saturday, 4 November at 2.30pm.

Our guest speaker is Hannah Clifton, the Chair of the ME Trust. Hannah spoke at last year’s AGM, and she will be speaking about the progress that the ME Trust has made over the intervening year. There will be plenty of time for informal socialising after Hannah’s speech and AGM business.

Getting There: Please note that there is a rugby match at Twickenham Stadium on 4 November: traffic will be slow on many local roads, and some bus routes will be terminated short of their usual destinations.

Refreshments: There will be free refreshments: hot drinks and a varied selection of cold buffet fare, including gluten-free food. 

Public Transport: The 33, 281 and 481 routes stop in Stanley Road; alight at the Fulwell Bus Garage stop. Please note that these stops are a couple of hundred yards from the venue. The nearest railway stations are Fulwell and Teddington. Both are quite a distance away, and there is no wheelchair access at Fulwell. Please contact us at randkmegroup@yahoo.co.uk or leave a message on 07984 860 309 if you require transport from Teddington station.

Private Transport: Please note that there is no road entry to Strathmore Road from Stanley Road. Turn into Shacklegate Lane, and then into the other end of Strathmore Road.

Parking: There is mainly unrestricted parking in the street and in an un-named side-road just opposite the school; this is closer than using the small school car-park at the far end of the complex. Parking is not allowed on the school zig-zag markings.

We appreciate that with ME it’s never possible to be sure until the day itself if you will be able to get here, but it will be helpful for arranging the catering if you could give us an indication of whether you hope to be there, and if you have any special dietary requirements. Please contact us at randkmegroup@yahoo.co.uk or leave a message on 07984 860 309 if you are hoping to attend.


What Is ME?


Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) can affect anyone, at any age, and from any ethnic group. A quarter of a million people, 25 per cent of whom are children, are estimated to have ME in the UK; 25 per cent of them are so severely affected they are housebound or bedbound; and 77 per cent of adults have lost their job. 

Common symptoms include severe exhaustion, unrefreshing sleep, poor concentration, headache, muscle pain and digestive problems. People with ME still face ignorance and prejudice. There is no cure and more biomedical research is needed to find effective treatments.

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Group Events

Our Group runs Coffee Mornings and Afternoons and Meditation Sessions on a regular basis all across Kingston and Richmond. Newcomers are especially welcome. See our Events Diary.

One of the Group’s Coffee Mornings

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Join Us!

To join our group, e-mail us on randkmegroup@yahoo.co.uk or call on 07984 860 309 (answerphone) and we will return your call. We also have a Facebook page and Twitter! Please give us a visit.

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Young People and ME

The group has agreed to emphasise the needs of children and young people with ME in our awareness and publicity work. If you are a young person with ME, don’t hesitate to contact us, either by e-mail at randkmegroup@yahoo.co.uk or call on 07984 860 309 (answerphone) and we will return your call. We also have a Facebook page and Twitter link. If you are a school or college authority interested in ME awareness sessions, please contact us (click here for more details), or see our Resources section. 

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 ME Awareness Training

Richmond and Kingston ME Group can provide one hour of training (free of charge) in ME Awareness specifically for your organisation, based on our experience of living with this long-term, severe condition. We have held sessions with voluntary organisations, health and social services, care agencies and education staff, and have received positive feedback:

The trainers were very good, very knowledgeable with personal experience and insight which will be helpful in the future. 

Do get in touch with us if your organisation has people with ME (or their families) amongst your clients. We would be happy to arrange a session with you at no cost. Please contact Linda at randkmegroup@yahoo.co.uk or 07984 860 309 (answerphone).

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Disclaimer: While as a Group we prefer and endorse the term ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), there may be times when articles printed from other sources contain the term Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Any information on this website must be checked by you, as we cannot accept responsibility for it. The use of alternative medicines or therapies is a matter for the individual. The views expressed are personal and not necessarily those of the Richmond and Kingston ME Group. Reference to any products or services is for information only, not an endorsement. We should like to thank all those who contributed to this website.

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