About Us

Who are we!

Red Sun exists to promote and improve the welfare of the Middle Easterncommunities in Birmingham and the surrounding boroughs by provision ofinformation, advice, guidance, social activities and education.The Organisation was established in 1st May 2005 in response to the growingneeds of the Kurdish community in Birmingham under the name of KurdishAssociation in Birmingham and changed its name to Red Sun Organisation inorder to be able to assist larger Middle Eastern communities.

Red Sun Services:

Training and Educational services:Red Sun in partnership with other organisations in Birmingham providestraining and education courses to increase knowledge and awareness of thepublic and prepare individuals to get better opportunities in life and becomean effective member of the society.

Social and Cultural events:

• Organising and running seminars on education, cultur, health and otherissues.
• Celebration of Kurdish and Iranian New Year (Nawroz) in the form ofparty and traditional fire of Nawroz.

Information and advocacy:

Red Sun provides information and advice for Kurdish, Iranian and otherMiddle Eastern refugees in Birmingham and surrounding areas onEmployment, Education, Health, Housing , Social Security Benefits andreferral to OISC regulated immigration advisers for information and adviceon Immigration.

Interpreting Services:

Red Sun provides interpreting and translation services in Kurdish, Arabic andFarsi.


Red Sun represents Kurdish, Iranian and other Middle-Eastern communitiesin the region.