Today we ran a session looking at useful sources of data relevant to refugee and migrant organisations.

First up, Hannah from the GLA and Natasha from London Plus demoed how to access useful datasets from the London Data Store alongside other relevant sources.

London Data Store demo

Then we heard from Rita who talked through a list of data sources and we discussed what we need to be looking out for - context, meta data about the source along with other pitfalls to avoid.

Rita talking through data sources

In the afternoon we looked at a range of free and low cost data visualisation tools.  But first - let's not visualise for visualisation's sake!  What are our goals...

Visualisation goals


21:27, 02 Jul 2019 by Kate White

This week we met with the 5 organisations we will be providing 1:1 support to over the next 3 months.

  • Community Action for Refugees & Asylum Seekers (CARAS)
  • Refugee & Migrant Network Sutton (RMNS)
  • Centre for Armenian Information & Advice (CAIA)
  • Action for Refugees in Lewisham (AFRIL)
  • Sutton Refugee Community Forum (SRCF)

Action plans include support to:

  • Create a data culture across staff & volunteer teams
  • Implement a new database
  • Map client data against indeces of deprivation
  • Learn advanced Excel skills
  • Source data to predict increasing refugee & migrant populations at borough level
  • Better collect data to showcase impact of support to refugee communities
  • Further analysis and more engaging presentation of data in annual reviews

Look out for the results in August 2019!


00:00, 05 Apr 2019 by Superhighways Volunteer

We held an initial data workshop in February 2019 attended by 24 refugee and migrant civil society organisations.

Initial workshop photo

We looked at:

  • The data context for refugee and migrant sector
  • How data mature is your organisation?
  • Initial feedback from the Data needs survey
  • Tools & systems for data capture and visualisation
  • Developing your data systems - some examples of DataKind's work
  • Accessing & using data sources
  • What support is needed next

See the presentations from the session.

 Data maturity photo

Ideas captured for next sessions of the data programme included:

  • Hands on London Data Store
  • More time for networking
  • Have a day long interactive session- split groups into small & medium large
  • Set out the cost/benefit for small organisations on how much to spend on improving data maturity
  • How to share data with other organisations and map demand
  • Practical tools
  • Understand funders perspective
  • Ethical frameworks for working with data- needs to be both protective and proactive
  • Strategies on how to develop a data culture within organisations

Workshop photo

00:00, 28 Feb 2019 by Superhighways Volunteer


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