Parish Council

The Parish Council has SEVEN Members who are elected to serve for 4 years.  Current Members are:


Julie Tomblin - Chairperson           

Playing Field and Village Hall Committee Representative


Sue Cameron  -  Deputy Chairperson

Village Hall Committee Representative         


Scilla Chester-Master

Footpaths and Bridleways


Regine Freyne          



Nick Price             

Village Maintenance and Finance


Alan Stone         

Highways and Planning


Alex Miles


Neighbourhood Development Steering Group

Councillors Mrs Tomblin,  Mrs Freyne, Mrs Cameron and Mr Stone also represent the Parish Council on the Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group.


Parish Council Meetings

The Council meets 6 times a year on the first Thursday of alternate months unless prevented by events such as elections when the meeting date is moved. 

2021 Meeting Dates -  14 January, 3 March, 12 May, 7 July, 1 September and 3 November.

Meetings are currently being held online but in normal times are held in the Village Hall.  ALL residents are welcome to attend whether on line or in person.

The agenda for each meeting is posted on the Village noticeboards and is also available to download from the website during the week preceding the meeting.