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Virgin Care now has a seat on the NHS Board which awards contracts for NHS services.

This is like putting The Fox in charge of the chickens - absolute madness.

Virgin Care says that any profit they make will be re-invested into their "service", but it is clear that they will never show

a profit. Why? Because they are part of The Virgin Empire, based in a Tax Haven with owner Richard Branson.

subsidiary of the Virgin Empire which is based in a Tax Haven


Virgin now sits on NHS Board

We went on the streets of Bath on Saturday 3rd July, because Virgin, a private company, based ultimately in a Tax Haven, now has been given a seat on an NHS Board which (among other things) can award contracts to - private companies!

Unbelieveable.What is going on, how can this happen? Well, it just shows that the government is intent on furthering its programme of privatisation of the NHS.

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Next come the American giant medical insurance corporations

US health insurance giant, Centene, through its UK subsidiary, Operose Health, has been taking over GP surgeries and practices in London and across the country for many years. 

Centene has recently taken over AT Medics, a primary care provider responsible for 49 GP surgeries and over 370,000 patients in the Greater London area.

With a total of 70 GP surgeries and practices, Centene is almost certainly the largest single provider of NHS primary care in England. 

This is shocking. Even the Daily Mail has called Centene a “profit greedy” company.

"Most people in Britain today can't imagine having to pay for treatment, but for my parents generation it was commonplace for families to be unable to afford medical help. People suffered painful illness all the time. Imagine watching one of your children suffering because you couldn't afford the doctors bills. That's how it was until 1949..... and that's what this government has planned for us when they've sold our health service to the highest bidder."

 In USA the most common cause of bankruptcy (by a large margin) is medical bills. Over 100,000 people suffer this way annually.


The aims of Protect our NHS BANES are summarised here:

 We want a properly funded National Health Service where the needs of the public, patients and health professionals are paramount. We campaign against cuts to services in both health and social care and against privatisation. We work with other local and national groups to further our aims. We want a comprehensive, and accountable NHS, financed by taxation, which provides high quality services free at the point of delivery. We support fair pay and conditions for health and care workers


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Follow us on Twitter:  @ProtectourNHS        Follow us on Facebook38 Degrees Bath & PONHS BANES

We are affiliated to Keep Our NHS Public.

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