The PMA has over the last few years paid for groups of secondary school students to receive music tuition. We had identified a need for students making the transition from primary school, where tuition was provided free, to secondary schools where in general it was not. The scheme is called the Tuition Project.

The project funds musical instrument or vocal tuition in ensembles in secondary schools. Its aims are to enable selected pupils to:-

  • Engage in music making
  • Engage in the musical community
  • Give performances as an ensemble
  • Develop musicians in the Plymouth area in the long term

Children moving from primary school to secondary school often face barriers, financial or practical, to continuing with or taking up group music tuition. PMA helps to overcome these.

The project has now been running successfully for eight years and there are currently some 40 children receiving tuition in four schools. Many in the Tuition Project have successfully achieved GCSE and A levels and a number have gone on to study music at universities and other bodies.

Get Involved...

If you teach in a school and would like to enquire further about the Tuition Project, please contact Sheila Jenkins, our schools' liaison officer (01752 863348).

Plymouth Youth Symphony Orchestra

PMA has supported the Plymouth Music Education Hub (PMEH) in setting up the new Plymouth Youth Symphony Orchestra, starting in October 2022 for musicians aged between 11 and 21. PMEH are offering young musicians of intermediate and advanced ability (of grade 4 and above or equivalent), the opportunity to play exciting, challenging and varied orchestral works from symphonies to overtures and musicals to film music. See for more details.

Tuition Project Showcase Concert 2024

A concert involving school ensembles whose tuition has been sponsored by the Tuition Project was held in the Sherwell Centre, University of Plymouth, on Friday 8th March 2024.

The evening was introduced by Dr Robert Taub - Director of Music at the University of Plymouth, and Anne Kimber, PMA Chairman.

This was an opportunity for ensembles to play in front of a live audience and show how, with the support of the PMA, they have developed their musical and co-operative skills. For the first time children from a primary school have been involved.

The photos below show the Choir of St. Peter's C of E Primary School, Plymouth, performing "Molly Bear" composed by teacher Sian Jamison; Lipson Brass with Gavin Martin; Devonport High School for Girls String Quartet and Strings Ensemble, and Lipson Saxophone Ensemble with Gordon Carter.

The evening was organised by PMA Committee Member Sheila Jenkins. Anne Kimber thanked the performers and their teachers, the large audience of family and friends, and the University of Plymouth Arts Institute for providing The Sherwell Centre for this event.

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DHSG Strings
DHSG Strings
DHSG String Quartet
DHSG String Quartet
Lipson Brass Ensemble
Lipson Brass Ensemble
Lipson Sax Ensemble
Lipson Sax Ensemble