Pie N Mash is a friendly and diverse community of over 300 people in south east London. As a mutual aid group we work together to make sure we all have what we need to thrive. 

We welcome anyone living in south east London to Join our community.

Pie N Mash has no leaders – we make decisions democratically. We work together as equals to support one another.

Our group is independent. We don't work directly with the government, local councils, police, or any political parties.

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What we do

Get involved

There are many ways to become part of the Pie N Mash community:

  • Get support - all you need to do is tell us that you need help, and we will do our best to support you.
  • Volunteer - there are many ways to help: write, cycle, pack, distribute, work on spreadsheets, and many more.
  • Support us - we welcome donations of food, toiletries and money, to help us meet the needs of our growing community.