Blind and Visually Impaired Awareness 


Help us to help the Blind & Visually Impaired


Recognise each Assistance Dog for the person they assit by their harnesse or jacket they ware.



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                                                                                       Guide Dogs  




Learn how to Identify an Assistance Dog, by the harnesses or jackets they ware.


Learn how to Identify what Assistance Dog does for the person they assit, by the jacket or harness they ware. 

Hearing Dogs Dog AID (Assistance in Disability
 Cainine Partners assistance Dogs for physically disabled Adults Dogs for Good assistance, for physical disabilities or children with autism
 Support Dogs Assistant dogs for Physically Disabled Adults, Medical Detection Dogs for Adults and Children with complex health conditions.
























































We are running a new awareness campaign that focuses on the danger on the streets to the Blind and Visually impaired.

Below are some of the dangers illustrated by photographs:


      Overgrown Pic               Outside seating at a restaurant  
 Overgrown trees, Hedges & Fallen leaves  

Chairs and Tables outside

      Banana skin    Advertising Board/ Blind Awareness

 Litter: (Discarded Banana skin)


Advertising boards outside restaurants 

 A_Road_Pothole.png    Flytipping of rubbish
  Potholes in the road   

Flytipping (Dangerous hazards)   

 Dog Pooping (Shitting)  

When you take your dog out for a walk and it does it's business; Please clean up by scooping up your dogs poop.

Leaving the poop behind on the ground is a health hazard to the public especially the blind and visually impaired and young children, it is also a slip hazard.

Please contact your local authority to report the discarded dog fouling.



Listed here are some more potential hazards for the blind and visually impaired.

Cable & mobile mast cabinets, Cycles dropped on pathway, Dumped rubbish. No spinning cones on pedestrian road crossings, No tactile pavement, Potholes/ Holes not fenced, Snow & Ice on pavements, Uneven paving slabs.


If you see any of these issues illustrated by the photographs above, please report them by contacting your Local Council.

This could save a blind or visually impaired person seriously hurting themselves, and also reporting a trip hazard that could harm others.