How do you get to that point of knowing yourself?

‚ÄčIt begins with a simple introspection. And then, there is a very beautiful way to be able to do this introspection—which is a program called the PEAK It has benefited so many people who are discovering that there is such a dimension to themselves, that they are not limited by their own imagination—but there is a whole dimension to understand. That there is a courage in you. And you get in touch with that courage; you get in touch with the joy that is in you; you get in touch with that understanding that is in you.

And when you start to actually, not just believe in these things, but feel every day, the courage that you have, you start to understand who you are. That the components that bring you together, that make up what you are, are powerful, powerful. Kindness is in you, all the time.

 2pm - 4.30pm
 Saturday 21st March
 Carinthia Suite,
 Liner Hotel,
 Lord Nelson Street,
 Liverpool.   L3 5QB

Entry is free refreshments are provided.
Reduced parking rates are available for all attendees to this event.