During this National lock down OVRA wants to ensure that the elderly and vulnerable in our community are being supported if they need it. We are well aware of and have collected details for many of the local groups of residents who have organised support within their roads or immediate area, and we are trying to establish a network of volunteers for those areas which are not so covered.

We still need volunteers, both to cover areas that are not covered and to provide back up to our current volunteers. If you have some time that you can offer to help people in difficulties as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic please contact me using the details given below. Similarly if you have set up a self help group in your area which has not already been in contact with us please get in touch.

We do not want to interfere with existing efforts, but we do want to ensure that no one who needs help is left out. We also want to try to ensure that smaller groups have any additional support they may need. As it seems likely that things will get worse before they get better we may be able to help to provide additional volunteers to groups that come under pressure. We are also in contact with Voluntary Action South West Surrey, and through them to national support agencies.

If you want to help us ensure that no residents are isolated and that appropriate help can be arranged as soon as possible where extra assistance is required, please contact us.

If you are isolated and are not supported by family and friends, please contact us.

Please either message me on 07789 662887, drop me an email at, or pop a note through at 9 Orchard Road.

Ray Briggs