We have several resources with interestings facts about Onslow Village, past and present.

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Onslow Village
Onslow Village. This booklet 'About our Village' that you can access here is somewhat out of date with regards to some of its content and we had intentions to update this which we may well achieve soon.

The design of the sign is based on the history of the area and you can read all about it in the booklet.


OVRA Heritage Boards. For its’ 50th anniversary in 2007 OVRA  produced 6 large folding display boards and images of these boards can be viewed on this page.These may be borrowed on request.

OVRA 50 yrs
50 years of OVRA! Here is a preview of the heritage boards if you didn't have time to study all of them. On Saturday 15th September 2012 a Heritage Day in the Village Hall provided further archive material relating to the Village.


Onslow Village Story
The Story of Onslow Village. This booklet was written and published by Helen Chapman Davies in 1999. Helen, who now lives in the West Country has kindly given her permission for OVRA to make it available online. With the 2020 centenary of the Village fast approaching, making this available for everyone to enjoy has an extra resonance.


Wilderness Farmhouse
Wilderness Farmhouse. Back in 2011 Angela Joule suggested that many people living in Onslow Village may not have been aware of Wilderness Farmhouse. She researched the history of the site and its current building, and published her findings in serialised form. You can access the articles in the Village Voice archives, Summer & Winter 2011 editions.