The Arboretum is a wonderful space in our village, a mini botanical garden!

The theme is ‘Around the World in Eighty Trees’ and the design reflects the countries from which the trees originated. Click on the images below to see the information panels OVRA put up some years ago and a survey of the trees carried out many years ago by some of our members.

The main route around the Arboretum is 700m, though there are shortcuts to be found, and a longer route weaving around the main path.

Please click on the images below for further information, and a map with a list of the tree species to be found there.


Notice Board            Arboretum Map


We have a photo album to share, which is especially valuable for residents who are less able to visit this lovely space.

Please send us your photos, we'd love to add them to the album!

Onslow Arboretum