Visitors are asked to note that apart from two public footpaths depicted on modern Ordnance Survey maps and on the Definitive Maps of public rights of way for the parishes of Churchstanton and Otterford as well as being signed where the paths leave public roads, all the other paths and former drives at Otterhead have permissive status for walkers only. There are no public bridleways or permissive bridleways on the Wessex Water Otterhead Estate.


Hunting with or without dogs or vehicles is not allowed at Otterhead as unintentional damage to habitats and disturbance of wildlife can be caused at this nature reserve. Furthermore as the public rights of way are public footpaths, hunts with horses or vehicles may not cross the Otterhead Estate to access areas where hunting may be allowed as there are no public bridleways on the Otterhead Estate.


Additional to the prohibition of hunting, horse riding and pony riding are also not allowed at Otterhead because of the damage done to pathways and habitats. A similar prohibition of the above activities also applies to all the Forestry Commission leased land adjoining the Otterhead Lakes Local Nature Reserve. 


Visitors on foot who keep to the visible paths and former drives, as well as respecting the wildlife, built heritage and designed landscape, including former gardens and surviving garden plants, are welcome; there is no admission charge or charge for walking along the permissive paths and former drives at Otterhead.


Dogs may and have come into conflict with wildlife on land and in the water at this Local Nature Reserve. For information regarding dogs accompanying Visitors please see the Wessex Water Code of Conduct at Useful Links, Otterhead Estate News and one of the Frequently Asked Questions, these three references being on this website. For ease, here is an additional link to the Wessex Water Code of Conduct:


Wild and Garden Flowers: Wessex Water does not allow the picking of wild flowers. Additionally, The Otterhead Estate Trust Company Ltd. does not allow the picking of any garden flowers. No plants, including bulbs, are to be uprooted without permission in writing being obtained in advance.



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