Otterhead Estate Heritage Update June 2014


1. William Beadon Commemoration Saturday 19 July 2014. William Beadon, usually credited with developing the Otterhead Estate and building Otterhead House, died in 1864. The 150th anniversary event is being held at the site of the house, with the aim of sharing information about William Beadon and Otterhead House. The event is being listed by Culture24.

2. Somerset Industrial Archaeological Society Fieldwork. Members have:

Searched for a hydraulic ram site.

Located and excavated the miniature waterwheel chamber.

Surveyed condition of culverts under the House Terrace.

Located and cleared an outlet pipe enabling the House Leat to flow.

Partly excavated greenhouse boiler pit and confirmed presence of boiler.

Fieldwork is at present being postponed due to reasons unconnected with the Otterhead Estate.

3. Heritage Rhododendrons. One of these has been featured in a French horticultural publication and illustrated with two photographs taken at Otterhead:

4. A meeting is due to be held this month to discuss heritage features on the Forestry Commission leased part of the estate.

5. Surveying and laurel clearing has taken place with the aim of opening to visitors part of the Victorian system of garden paths north west of the house site.

Roy Coombs   12 June 2014