Directions to Otterhead Estate and Lakes


How to Find Otterhead - Directions from Taunton and from Honiton: 


The B3170 road is the easiest for first time visitors.

From Taunton, drive uphill after Corfe and the turning for Otterhead (signed for Otterford Church) is the first on the right after an advisory 40mph speed limit. If you reach the Devon county boundary (signed), you will have missed the turning.

From Honiton, drive along the A30 trunk road through Monkton, keep to the trunk road (now the A303) by ignoring the A30 for Chard on the right and take the B3170 signed for Taunton on the left just beyond a closed filling station. After the Somerset county boundary (signed), drive through two cross roads and then take the first left (signed for Otterford Church). If the advisory 40mph speed limit is reached, you will have missed the turning.

After taking the lane signed for Otterford Church, bear right at a triangular junction and the entrance to the free car park is on the left before a sharp right bend.



The Otterhead Estate Trust supports the use of public transport but there are severe limitations regarding availability making it difficult to publicise bus service 387 (Sidmouth - Honiton - Taunton) even thoge it serves the growing village of Churchinford.




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