Himalayan Knotweed at Otterhead

Himalayan Knotweed (Persicaria wallichii) is not closely related to Giant Knotweed, Japanese Knotweed and their hybrids. It is a herbaceous perennial and is invasive though not so invasive as the notorious Japanese Knotweed. Knotweeds have often been transplanted during various types of earth movements but at Otterhead are among the surviving ornamental plants in the lost gardens of Otterhead House. Knotweeds were introduced into this country as ornamental garden plants in Victorian times when the gardens at Otterhead were being developed.  


Himalayan Knotweed at Otterhead May 2008

Himalayan Knotweed at Otterhead May 2008. 


Himalayan Knotweed at Otterhead August 2008

Himalayan Knotweed at Otterhead August 2008.


Many visitors to Otterhead over the years in summer will remember this plant appearing to block an old drive. In fact the path as used passed through the original planting of this knotweed at the edge of the former lawns and the drive (now cleared) was hidden mainly by rhododendrons. It would not have been planted in that location close to Otterhead House if it had not been thought to be an attractive addition or at least a talking point and curiousity by the then owners.



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