1. NAME: The name of the Association shall be Needham Market Allotment Holders Association.

  2. OBJECTS: The objects of the Association shall be:
    1. To promote the creation of allotments and encourage their proper cultivation;
    2. To take joint action for the benefit of members;
    3. To conduct negotiations with Needham Market and Barking Welfare Charities;
    4. To co-operate with other gardening associations in matters of mutual interest and with allotment holders nationally through affiliation to the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners (NSALG).

  3. MEMBERSHIP: Membership shall consist of those allotment holders paying an annual subscription, which shall include affiliation fee to the NSALG.

  4. OFFICERS: The Officers of the Association shall be a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. Officers to have a maximum tenure of three years with a possible return after one year. Where possible, officers will be replaced on a rolling programme.

    Should the circumstances arise the officers of Needham Market Allotment Holders Association (NMAHA) can co-opt additional members of NMAHA to assist with roles.

  5. COMMITTEE: The affairs of the association shall normally be conducted at the quarterly general meetings. In a crisis situation requiring a quick response, the Officers can act as an easily convened Emergency Committee.

  6. ANNUAL GEREAL MEETING: The Annual General Meeting shall be held at such a time as the Officers or a General Meeting shall decide. Five members shall form a quorum. At the meeting the independently examined accounts and annual report shall be submitted and the Officers elected.

  7. FINANCE: A bank account shall be opened in the name of the Association and all monies received from any source on behalf of the Association shall be paid into it. Cheques shall be signed by any 2 out of 3 named signatories.

  8. INDEPENDENT EXAMINER: An Independent Examiner shall be appointed, who is not an officer, to independently examine the accounts for submission to the Annual General Meeting.

  9. SELF MANAGEMENT: Should the circumstances arise that it becomes necessary in order to protect the objects (Paragraph 2) of the Association, The association rules allow for committee to run The Allotment Field on a self-managed basis.

As amended at AGM 8th January 2015.