About us

The Nigerian Catholic Community is a social and Christian community which aims to:

  • encourage the spirit of love amongst members and the larger community
  • promote spiritual and moral development of the members and a life of prayer
  • foster unity among members, other Nigerians, the entire parish and community.
  • show interest and participate in member's welfare
  • promote active participation in the running of the parish and community
  • promote the socio-cultural values of the Community via educational and social events
  • address current issues in the community through appropriate awareness events

See our Consitution here.


We work with other grassroots organisations in Enfield Grassroots Food Hub.

The Nigerian Catholic Community (NCC) St Edmund's, Edmonton is a voluntary organisaion established in 1993 to cater for the welfare of the people in the community. NCC is a member of the EVA.

The purpose is promotion of socio-cultural values of the community through education, welfare, health and social events. NCC has functioned as a FoodHub since March 2020, providing a weekly covid palliative to the community.

It offers regular support to members and others on several topical issues; healthy eating, fuel poverty, bereavement, domestic abuse, health, lifestyle, employment and enterprise. These help to alleviate fears, isolation, loneliness and poverty




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