How to get involved

This project relies entirely on volunteers. We need your help.



What we need: We need people with experience of governance, partnerships (especially with local authorities), charities or delivery of similar projects.

When: Anytime.


During the fundraising process

What we need: We will need help with completing grant applications. Each grant application takes a couple of hours and can be done in your own time.

When: Now!


During the building process

What we need: Skills we will need are people that can work with Richmond Council's contractors to make sure that the Pavilion is built according to our specifications.

When: Spring/Summer 2020



Operations Committee

What we need: Become a member of the Operations Committee. The Operations Committee will be responsible for selecting the Pavilion/café operator and will manage the operator. The Operations Committee will set the opening hours for the café as well as make changes required in response to any problems including replacing the café operator. We encourage members of our local community to join the Operations Committee to ensure that the management of the Pavilion reflects the wishes of the local community.

When: We are open to volunteers right now.  The skills we need are...

  • Director: We need a Director to be responsible for the cafe operation.
  • Service Level Agreement: We need a volunteer to help specify the Service Level Agreement (SLA) with our Pavilion/cafe operator. You will have a budget for legal advice.
  • Lease Negotiation: We need a volunteer to help negotiate two leases with Richmond Council: one for access to the Pavilion and one for the cafe. You will have a budget for legal advice.
  • Insurance: We need a volunteer to work with insurance brokers to specify and procure the insurance policy we need. 


Please contact us to express interest in volunteering.