1. What is the Council's position?


    The existing building was beyond repair and the Council considered a new building as the preferred option. 

    The new Pavilion must be on the same site as the existing building and no larger than the current squared-off building.



    We amended our design accordingly. Our original design had changing and shower facilities and was too large.

    We had to remove the showers and changing facilities to meet the footprint constraint.



  2. What have the Friends of Mooormead Committee said?


    New building not to obstruct existing view from Moor Mead Road.

    Concern regarding noise from tables outside the front of the cafe building.

    Concern regarding height of new building.

    Concern regarding the building extending beyond the current hard-standing area.



    Our proposal was modified to address these concerns. 

    Outdoor seating removed from our proposal in response to concern regarding noise. 

    Our design is now 18% smaller in height compared to the existing building.

    The design is contained within the current hard-standing area.



  3. What about the wider membership of the Friends of Moormead?


    Concern regarding sale of alcohol and alcohol related issues.

    Concern regarding adult cricket (balls hitting parked cars).

    Concern regarding increase in traffic.

    Concern regarding children using the tree by the pavilion to climb onto the roof of the Pavilion.



    We will not apply for an licence to sell alcohol.

    Our design focuses on facilitating junior sport. We have achieved this by not providing changing and shower facilities (requested by adult sports teams).

    Our design is focused on serving local residents i.e. members of the community within a 20‑minute walk of Moormead Park. The Pavilion will not provide changing and shower facilities; local users of the Pavilion are encouraged to walk home to change and shower.

    By not designing the Pavilion to FA standard, we discourage the use of Moormead for league football matches as this would generate traffic from visiting away teams. We encourage local children to walk to Moormead to play sports with their friends.

    Our design includes anti climbing and graffiti measures. The two trees closest to the Pavilion are not in good health and we have proposed that they be removed and new trees planted elsewhere in the park. This will also make climbing onto the new Pavilion more difficult.



  4. Have the council's Planning Department been consulted?


    Concern regarding increase in hard-standing area.

    Concern that the design did not support park users to remain in the park.



    Our proposal has no increase in hard-standing area.

    Serving hatch introduced to better link the café to the park.




  5. There are many frequent users of the park. How have you engaged with them?

    We run a Facebook page and invite comments by email & the contact form on this site.  We are also running surveys around specific proposals and have held a number of community meetings and attended events to discuss the proposals with local residents.



    Request for boot brushes to reduce mud on pavements after football.

    Request for tap to fill water bottles.

    Request to improve the look of the back of the Pavilion.

    Request to make sure bins are locked away and rubbish is properly managed.



    Our design includes boot brushes and a tap to refill water bottles.

    We now propose a green wall/community garden to improve the look from the back of the Pavilion.

    We have designed storage space within the Pavilion so that waste can be separated and stored until it is collected for recycling/disposal. One of the requirements for the Pavilion's cafe operator will be to deal with any litter problems around the Pavilion quickly.



  6. The St Margarets Fair is a big annual event that brings the whole community together. What do the organisers think?


    The St Margarets Fair Committee supports our Pavilion regeneration plans. Request for access to water and power to support the Fair.



    Our design supports the Fair's need to access water and power. 




  7. What do community & voluntary organisations want from the new pavilion?

    We have had good input form the Help A Neighbour In Distress Scheme (HANDS).



    Request to store two collapsible wheelchairs in the Pavilion as its clients may walk to the pavilion but may struggle to get home without a wheelchair.



    Our design supports storage space for two collapsible wheelchairs.