1. Will there be toilets in the park once the new pavilion is built?


    While the cafe is open, the toliets will be open and freely available to all.



  2. Many people cannot use the park at present due to lack of facilities. How will the proposal improve participation?

    We want to enable usage of the park by members of the community that have not been able to use the park due to disability or lack of facilities (e.g. toilets).

    We know that the elderly or less able amongst us need to have the option of indoor shelter else they are less likely to come to the park.

    We identified the boules facility at Palewell Common as a popular activity which engages a wide range of ages and abilities and plan to make a similar facility available to Moormead Park.

    We are working with national charities to ensure that our building is autistic and dementia friendly.



  3. People with reduced mobility may benefit from a wheelchair. Will there be space to store chairs safely in the new building?


    We know that elderly people may walk to the pavilion but struggle to get home without a wheelchair.

    Our design supports storage space for two collapsible wheelchairs.



  4. Will we be able to fill water bottles at a drinking tap?


    In response to feedback, a tap has been added to the design.



  5. In the winter, football boots leave mud on the paths and pavements.  How will this help?

    We have had a request for boot brushes to be installed at the new Pavilion to reduce mud on pavements after football.




  6. The current pavilion is run-down and not very aesthetically pleasing. Will the new Pavilion be better?

    We aim to improve the environment with the new building.

    In response to suggestions from the community, we are consulting on a green wall or community garden to improve the look from the back of the Pavilion.

    Please have your say!



  7. At the time of the St Margarets Fair there is nowhere to access power or water. Will this be built into the design of the new Pavilion?


    The St Margarets Fair Committee have made this request and we have changed the plans accordingly.