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We smashed our first fundraising target, but there's still plenty more to do!


Thank you very much for your support, kind words and generous donations. 237 members of the local community have given to this project so we can now afford to prepare all the documents for a Planning Application. But don't worry, there are still plenty of opportunities to get involved!


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I made a donation to the project. How will my money be used?

The charity now has the funds to pay for design and planning expenses and aims to submit a planning application in October 2019. This includes expenses like:

  • an official bat survey
  • an official tree survey
  • planning fees payable to the local council
  • architects fees for preparing the planning submission
  • legal and consulting fees for advice regarding the project


Wherever possible we are using the skills of local residents on a voluntary basis to minimise the costs of the project (you can volunteer too!).


What difference has the crowdfunding made?

Moormead Community & Sports Pavilion is a charity set up by local residents in St Margarets and Twickenham. To get this far we have relied almost entirely on volunteers giving their time and the funds raised from the community will help us get through the next stages of the project.

The outpouring of support has also galvanised local Concillors: Councillor for St Margaret’s and North Twickenham Alex Ehmann recently commented: “The progress of the project is great news.” He continued: “Local residents have risen to the challenge with their contributions and, as ward councillors, we’ll continue to support the considerable effort being employed to bring the Pavilion back into community use.


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