Planning Permission Achieved!

Thanks to all those that helped, donated or wrote supportive comments on the planning portal. Your collective contribution was noted by the Planning Committee.

Next Steps 

  • Recruit more trustees and volunteers to drive the project forward
  • Work in partnership with Richmond Council; sign a lease agreement
  • Apply for key funds/grants - for example, Sport England, London Marathon Charitable Trust...
  • Continuing to engage with our local community so that we deliver what our community needs.




We have listened to the council, park users, neighbours and local residents and thanks to funds raised by the community, we have developed a proposal that:

  • Provides facilities to extend use of the park to the whole community
  • Is green and sustainable by design
  • Will be open year-round
  • Provides storage for the junior sports clubs who use the park
  • Caters for people who live close by
  • Will be financially sustainable after it is opened, including covering the costs of keeping loos open
  • Can be financed through grants and donations
  • Will minimise the negative effects on neighbours
  • Will improve the local environment

An FAQs page sets out the considerations that are built in to the design.






Background to the project

The Pavilion in Moormead Park, St Margarets has been neglected for many years and is currently unusable.  The structure is unsafe and is beyond repair - a simple refurbishment is not an option.

Moormead Community & Sports Pavilion (Moormead CSP) is a registered charity (number 1179951) working in partnership with the local community to transform the current eyesore into a new facility that will enhance our beautiful park and will be owned and enjoyed by the whole community.

The existing structure Artist's impression of proposed new pavilion


Moormead CSP’s vision is for a Pavilion focused on serving local residents i.e. members of the community within a 20‑minute walk of Moormead Park. We will encourage the shared use of the Pavilion by a broad range of people across the neighbourhood, including schools, churches and organisations focused on junior sport. We want to support existing park users as well as members of the community who have previously been unable to use the park due to a disability or lack of facilities (e.g. toilets).

The Pavilion café will provide refreshments and toilet facilities for park users during opening hours, throughout the year; it will not apply for a licence to sell alcohol. There will be indoor seating as well as a convenient kiosk to collect a drink or snacks while playing with children, walking the dog or watching your child’s sports team at the weekend.

There will be equipment storage for junior sports organisations, encouraging more outdoor activities for our young people. The Pavilion will also support the St Margarets Fair on Fair Day.



We have only got this far thenks to the generous support of the community.  We are applying for grants from organisations such as the London Marathon Charitable Trust, Sport England Community Investment Fund, Big Lottery Fund and the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.