Mellor Community Association -

2023 Hall Updates

The village hall was recently granted £10,000 from the National Lottery and with this support the committee agreed for plans to update the kitchen with new units, a non slip flooring and an industrial dishwasher to comply with health and safety regulations.

 The kitchen upgrade was completed (dec 2022) with a new vinyl easy to clean and safe floor, new units throughout with new splash backs, an industrial dishwasher and a quooker type hot water dispenser.

The flooring in the entrance lobby, the upstairs meeting room, and the stairs has also been replaced with a vinyl safe hard wearing surface (dec 2022).

 Additional grants from LEF, The Ribble Valley Borough Council  have facilitated replacement of 40 windows in the main hall carried out by Lancashire Double Glazing and installation of an air sock ventilation system with heat and cooling features using Mitsubishi air to air heat pumps and installed by Universal Cooling based in Oswaldtwistle (feb 2023).

 Also at last, as of February 2023, the problems with our wooden floor and flood damage have now been resolved with a new vinyl floor and markings fitted by Dynamik Floors UK ( a company supported by Sport England ). The cost was covered by insurance monies from damage caused as a result of flood water ingress after heavy rains in 2021.The Mellor Parish Council was very supportive and without their cooperation the process would have been much more difficult.



Mellor Community Association -

Chair's Report -September 2021

The year 2020 to 2021 has been an extremely difficult and challenging for everyone. The Association took a number of steps to limit costs in Covid 19 lockdown, by executive members taking on cleaning responsibilities and managing the hall while it was closed or with limited use caused by government lockdowns. The executive members met regularly via Zoom or in person when allowed to manage the association and keep the building maintained throughout the year. We endeavoured to open up the hall following government guidelines when possible to allow the local community to have some normality back with the use of the hall, we worked in partnership with the groups to allow for safe and responsible use following health guidelines. Prior to lock down our financial situation had meant we had low reserves mainly caused by the previous extension and work to the building. However with the slightly tighter financial controls during lockdown and the support from the government grants via the Ribble Valley council, we have been able to build up our balance over the past 2 years.

Because of the uncertainty of the times, we held back on planning any big spends, though full maintenance of the building was kept up and we also used the the Lockdown period to have the main hall and the downstairs(wall and wood work) section of the building to be fully repainted making the hall look cleaner fresher and more modern.

I would like to thank the Parish council in support both financially and in the method grant application, this was for repair of the storeroom roof and also the improvements to the drainage on the side of the building near the extension to avoid any major flooding problems.

I'm happy to say that all our previous users have returned to the hall after lockdown and we have been able to welcome some activities which are being run by local businesses or residents.

After their long service to the MCA I want to thank Janine and Lesley Foster for their support and wish them a happy future in their new home in preston. I want to thank our Long standing members Norman Roberts, Gillian Hargreaves and Teresa Entwistle for their continued support. I’d like to Welcome our new executive 1members, Julie Cousins, Anne Smith and James Berry for joining us and their help as emergency members last year in their replacement of Janine and Lesley.

We hope for a year without lockdown so that Community around can use our facilities, we also endeavour to look at how we can improve our facilities for their use, with the aid of grants and our own income and reserves.

Paul Wallace Chair of the Mellor Community Association.



Mellor Community Association Chairman’s Report for Financial Year 2018/19

 I am pleased to report on another successful year for Mellor & District Community Association.

 The Hall has continued to be well used this year. All evening sessions are full. We do still have daytime availability on Monday afternoons and Thursdays. Hire charges were increased in August 2018 for the first time in 3 years, to counteract rising costs of heating, lighting and maintenance.

We continue to run the Pop-Up Cafe once a month which provides us with a useful income. We continue to look for ideas for other fundraising events.

The downstairs entrance and toilet facilities were completed giving improved disabled access.

The next phase of the improvement replacing the heating and hall floor began in January 2019, with the hall reopening in early April. We secured grant funding from Lancashire Environmental Fund, Sport England, Bernard Sunley Foundation, Garfield Weston Foundation, Tesco bag scheme, Ribble Valley Borough Council and Mellor Connections. Thanks are also due to Kevan Dean, for overseeing this project, and the contractors who ensured it was completed on time.

In addition, security lighting and cameras have been installed around the site. We thank Mellor Parish Council for assisting with funding for this. As a result of this we have noticed less antisocial behaviour in the evenings. We continue to monitor this problem.

We would also like to say thank you to John Hymas, who stood down from his role as chairman in October, and the rest of the committee for their help in ensuring the smooth running of the hall.

Janine Foster

 Acting Chair

 Mellor & District Community Associatio


Phase One and Phase Two Building Works Are Now Complete

 For details of the work, see Phase One Open Day.pdf and Phase Two.pdf.

Tesco Blackburn Token Scheme September And October 2018

Following in-store voting during September/October 2018, Tesco Bags generously granted £1000 towards the works to the Main Hall. Thank you to everyone who voted for us.

Mellor Community Association Chairman's Report for Financial Year 2017/18

I'm very pleased to report on another successful year for our association. Hall usage continues to increase with a number of new users and new activities coming on board during the year. New this year included Pickleball, Table Tennis and Archery all of which have proven popular.

We continue to benefit from a fantastic committee of volunteers giving their time and expertise. It often seems inappropriate to highlight individuals but Kevan Dean has worked tirelessly in securing grants, and Janine Foster is invaluable as treasurer and bookings' secretary – my thanks go to them and everyone else involved.

My thanks also to all our users for their continued support during the year.

Our plans for refurbishment of the hall have started to take shape with the new disabled entrance and we look forward with confidence to this project continuing through next year as we secure long term for the hall.

The wildflower meadow has had positive feedback from the Lancashire Environmental Fund.

Our third party relationships are improving and I am grateful to the Parish Council for their support and pragmatic approach as we have clarified our positions regarding insurances and the approach to ad hoc sale of alcohol at events.

I did say when I took over the chairmanship of the association that I would stay for no more than three years. I have completed that period and I believe we have seen many improvements of which I am proud. The refurbishment project still is work in progress and I have, subject to re-election, been persuaded to stay in post for one more year – this will be my final year and I look forward to it.

The Treasure Hunt on 9th July 2018

A massive thank you to everyone who supported our village treasure hunt yesterday, helping in the (very hot!!) kitchen, making those wonderful cakes, singing, yarnbombing, painting those stones that were left around the village (Keep a look out some might still be out there)

Events like this don’t only need a community to take part in them, they need a community to help organise and make happen (personally I just sat in and ate cake but that’s another story!)   A great day AND England beat Sweden, what more could we want.

Raffle Prizes;  Manicure at Mellor Beauty - Ticket number 043   
                        Gift Voucher at Millstone - Ticket number 260
                        Box Chocolates - Ticket number 436
                        Panda Cuddly Toy - Ticket number 206
                        Bottle Wine - Ticket number 193
                        Selection of Gourmet Balsamic Vinegars - Ticket number 182

Overall the day raised about £450 for the Village Hall so thanks again everyone.


 Update on developments to the hall, plus the 2018 AGM

Phase Two

Phase Two is the proposed refurbishment, including a new floor incorporating underfloor heating, to the Lower Ground Floor of the Village Hall. This will include a welcome change of heating, from the gas warm air heater (with all its issues and inconvenience) to Green Air Source Heat Pumps, these being supported by the existing PV Panels to provide electrical Power, reducing both demand from the Grid and running costs. The Association is now very advanced in negotiations with Granting Bodies and is close to hopefully receiving confirmation of successful grant bids and formal grant offers. With this in mind, and knowing that summer is the period during which our users will be inconvenienced the least, we wanted to let everyone know of the timing of the proposed works, and as a consequence when the Main Hall and lower ground floor will not be available, and we wanted to allow our users to be able to plan for the closure. We have tried to keep this period to a practical and absolute minimum, and apologise for the inconvenience that will follow. We intend to close just for the essential floor works and underfloor heating works, from 17th July until reopening for the Mellor Show on 2nd September. The lower ground floor, including the Main Hall, the Meeting Room, and the Store Room, will not be accessible or available for hire during this period. We are sure all our users will appreciate that this work is necessary: otherwise, the Main Hall would need to close due to the condition of the parquet block flooring. Also, we hope that all our users will enjoy the new semi sprung floor together with underfloor heating upon completion. Other works will take place after the reopening and this will create some inconvenience; however, we are endeavouring to carry out this work during “free periods” at the village hall, so that users will still be able to use and enjoy the lower ground floor areas. We will endeavour to keep everyone fully informed. Please contact John Hymas, Janine Foster or Kevan Dean should you need any additional information.


Phase One

 The Association can confirm that Phase One is complete and will be in use for Zumbathon on Saturday 28th April. It has been ready for a couple of weeks, except for the Fire Alarm and Door Entry System. This extension brings a fully inclusive entrance to the lower ground floor, including a disabled toilet together with male and female toilets. The new entrance can stand alone and form the main access to the Main Hall. Over time the Association will give users direct access via the key pad at this entrance; until then please be patient. It is also worth appreciating that until Phase Two is complete there will be a step down into the Main Hall from the new entrance area. This extension also has underfloor heating ready to connect into the underfloor heating in Phase Two. The floor within this new extension is still drying and until this is complete a floor covering cannot be laid. The Association will be arranging for a floor covering when Phase Two takes place in the summer. It is now appropriate to formally thank all the generous granting bodies for their grants enabling the completion of this extension. In alphabetical order: BEA, Bernard Sunley Charitable Trust, Co Operative (Bulls Head, Wilpshire), Harold and Alice Bridges Charitable Trust, Lancashire Environmental Fund, Mellor Connections and Ribble Valley B.C. A plaque is planned to provide a permanent recognition of the granting bodies who funded this valuable extension to the Village Hall.


 The tennis courts have been refurbished, a new Boules court formed, the first of the Three Phases planned for the Village Hall is now complete, and Phase Two is within touching distance. The Association committee listened to its members and users in planning their requirements for improvements in disabled access together with other improvements. This has taken vision, dedication and effort by your Association Committee.

We have our AGM on July 11th. Do you want to join the committee? Have you got a skill that would help the association? Why not put your name forward: any resident can, and will only need seconding by another resident. Then come along to the AGM, get voted on and join the Committee. We are looking for new members who can share in the drive to shape the Village Hall to further enhance the lives of everyone in the Association. A third phase is planned which will bring disabled facilities to the ground floor level of the village hall, together with moving the kitchen into the office and creating a much needed additional meeting room (demand is there for this additional meeting room); additionally the gas boiler will be removed and all the heating will be from the Air Source Heat Pumps. Grants will be needed to fund this Third phase. Other improvements are being planned, and again grants will be needed.


Update on the new developments to the hall: March 2018

With support from Bernard Sunley Charitable Trust, BAE., Co Operative, Harold & Alice Bridges Charitable Trust, Lancashire Environmental Fund and Ribble Valley B.C., Phase One of the Associations proposals can now be seen to be taking shape. Construction commenced early February and completion is expected late March. Phase One will provide access for all to the Main Hall at the Village Hall, together with a new entrance, incorporating a disabled toilet and male/female toilets. This improvement brings the Main Hall up to date insofar as disability provision, and solves the long running problem of water ingress at the old emergency doors during inclement weather. The Committee hope that residents will join us in thanking all the granting bodies for their generosity in realising this project, which will benefit the Village Hall and community it serves.

 UPDATE Proposed new developments to the hall and adjoining facilities.

We are happy to announce that on 22/12/2016 Planning Permission for improvements/extensions for the hall was granted by the Ribble Valley Borough Council. The plan is to upgrade the heating to the Main Hall with underfloor heating using a Renewal Heat Source (Ground/Air/water) so further reducing the carbon foot print of the hall and running costs.

At the same time construction will be carried out of a new entrance around the existing emergency exit situated at the far end of the hall. This new entrance besides providing a separate entrance to the main hall will include an up to date disabled toilet, and, importantly solve the problem during heavy rains and rising flood water of water ingress at these emergency exit doors. Something that the hall has been subjected to for many years. The work on this improvement started feb 2018 and is progressing well. 

The Scheme designs are on the Notice Board in the Village Hall for those who wish to look at them.

Applications for funding to the National Lottery and the local LEF fund have been made as of Feb 2017 unfortunately the Lottery bid was unsucessful. However following discussion the committee has decided to move forward with the proposed new entrance to Main Hall. But a redesign of the extension is required. This amended design has been resubmitted for Planning Approval. Soon tenders will be also need updating and this process will begin in September. Looking to start works hopefully very early in 2018.  

Design drawings of the proposals can be seen in the Village Hall on the Notice Board. 

 Please support your committee, if you have any suggestions of improvements, changes, offers of practical help please let us know. Why not come to one of our committee meetings every second Wednesday in each month. Opening at 7.30pm and normally closing around 8.30-8.45pm. The minutes of each meeting are located on the website.


Work on the tennis courts refurbishment is now complete as of june 1st 2017.The court sterilisation is finished and we ask that dog owners do not use the area as an exercise yard.  

The facility is available for tennis on the new coloured court and the second is lined out suitably for Netball, Basketball and five-a-side football. It is hoped to organise training sessions with experienced coaches for tennis and netball to encourage greater participation.

The courts /facilities will be free to use as well as available to book for private use. 

 This will be a welcome improvement to see the courts back in action and ready for the 2017 season. In addition there will be a couple of bench seats sited as well as general garden improvements around the area

Three more fruit trees have been planted apple discovery, plum Victoria and a crab apple. We now have a real mini orchard and look forward to its fruit.

The tree works have now been completed as agreed with Ribble Valley BC.

  Update on other ground improvements. The aim is to develop a small orchard with a wild flower meadow. Unfortunately the grass is too vigorous and as suggested (Helen Duxbury) we have sown about 2000 yellow rattle seeds around the trees to disrupt the root network of the grass and help nurture wild flowers hopefully for the new season of 2017.

May 2017, unfortunately the yellow rattle hasn't quite taken but the orchard trees are looking resplendent in blossom. JH has been busy marking green paths in the meadow.

A Defibrillator is now installed at the entrance of the hall

defibrallator at the entrance to the hall