The facilities are available for hire 7 days a week with capacity of 150 in the main hall and separate meeting rooms; toilets; outside playing field suitable for football and separate outdoor tennis courts.  

We are NOT able to hire out the outdoor field as part of the booking. Marquees and gazebos are not permitted.

For bookings, charges and general enquiries contact Janine 07561 538314.

Large parties are available by special arrangement.



The following rates are for guidance only and apply from 1st September 2018.

 Sports Hall                        £17.50 per hour

 Regular Users                   £15.00 per hour

 Balcony                             £10 per hour

 Meeting room                    £8 per hour

 Use of the kitchen for incidental purposes such as making drinks is included in the rates.

 Free wi-fi is available throughout the building.

 Rates for other functions will depend on your individual requirements

and should be discussed with the booking secretary.

 All rooms must be left in a clean and tidy condition and furniture should be returned to the appropriate storage place. We reserve the right to charge a refundable deposit to cover breakages and additional cleaning costs incurred.


Mellor & District Community Association Tennis Courts

Updated 31st March 2018

  1. The tennis courts are for tennis, football, netball, and basketball use only. Bikes, scooters, footwear with spikes or studs, and dogs (with the exception of guide/assist dogs) are all strictly prohibited on the tennis courts.
  2. All players are required to wear non-marking footwear when on court.
  3. Personal items should not be left on the premise. Lost property, balls, or equipment should be handed back to the owner (if known) or left in lost property within the Main Hall, where appropriate.
  4. Please respect your own and others' possessions. MCA accepts no responsibility for items lost, stolen, or damaged on the premises.
  5. People not playing tennis should respect players on court by not making noise or causing distractions.
  6. Please respect and safeguard the tennis court and ancillary facilities, which are available free for use by all members of the Mellor & District Community Association. Malicious damage caused to the tennis courts and equipment is chargeable to the offender(s).
  7. Players with any existing medical conditions understand that they play at their own risk.
  8. It is for users/players to ensure the tennis courts, football courts, basketball courts, etc., are safe to use. Users are responsible for their own health and safety. MCA will not accept responsibility for any injuries incurred during play or in any weather/ground conditions.
  9. Please respect that the tennis courts are provided for resident enjoyment, and take all your rubbish home. Leave the tennis courts how you would wish to find them.
  10. Mellor & District Community Association provides these facilities for use by its members. MCA members take priority of use at all times. If you are not a member please pay for using these facilities by accessing MCA "just giving" by typing in and then searching for Mellor Community Association. If you refer to the tennis courts when donating, any money will be allocated to the upkeep of this facility.