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We provide  apt, timely and satisfactory translation of documents from English to Somali and vice-versa for   a competitive fee.

Medeshi translation services was established in Dec. 2006 and has since translated documents from Somali to English and vice-versa for many organisations in the United Kingston.

We are a professional translation group that specializes in English and Somali translation services . We provide technical translations for small to large companies, in the fields of engineering, medical, financial, legal and others.

Translation and interpreting services include to and from Somali and English languages . All translation projects that we take regardless of size are completed within the quoted time . Our English to Somali translation team consists of native speaking Somali translators and experienced project managers. We have huge reserves of translators that can work with us online from various locations in the World.
Brochures, technical manuals, user guides and any other technical documents will be translated by experienced and qualified translators, who have the appropriate background to produce an accurate translation of the technical texts.
Publications that we have translated include : Accord 21 by Concilliation resources ( Whose peace is it anyway - Somalia) into Somali : Nabadda yaa iska leh oo loo doonayaa?

We have alo finished the translation of a 110 page court case from English to Somali in the first quarter of 2017.

Contact us if you would like to receive a quotation on any document or if you require further information on any of our translation services.

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Tel : 07932063614

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