About Us


We believe in a society that supports families and people in crisis so that they can take positive action to rebuild their lives.
A community based voluntary Organisation trying to change, impact and empower the lives of its local people and beyond through the setup of activities in Leisure, health, educational programmes and more.
* We are a community organisation registered with charity objects and currently going through the process of a C.I.O.
Mission: Working together in to provide the best provisions to for our resident’s aspirations and needs to support a strong and resilient community and transform their lives


Reach out to people by providing enjoyable and engaging services

-Youth & Adult provision services such as to NEET& Homeless referral support  
-Thoroughly engage participants to understand any issues that may face
-Work with participants to explore and agree solutions
-Directly provide solutions or help participants access relevant services
-Support participants in implementing change and moving on with their lives                                    
-Empower participants to achieve stability