Round 1

By 23rd June

Round 2

By 14th July

Round 3

By 4th Aug

Semi Final

By 25th Aug

 John Stevens   Match voided      Bob Perrin W/O       Mags Shelley                   
 Phil Cripps
 Bob Perrin   Bob Perrin
 Steve Tight
 Geraldine Perrin   Geraldine Perrin     Mags Shelley
 Martin Timbrell
 Ann White   Mags Shelley
 Mags Shelley
    Paul Simmons     Paul Simmons      Paul Simmons   
    Alan Steptoe
    Tanis Hudson     Angela Moss
    Angela Moss
    Alan Dawes     Felicity Rees      Felicity Rees       Peter Burgess W/O        
    Felicity Rees
   Sue Burden      Sue Burden
    Ian Burns
     Peter Tassi      Mike Woolams        Peter Burgess   
     Mike Woolams
     Bob Broad     Peter Burgess   
     Peter Burgess

                                         Dates for the first round must be offered and agreed by Sunday 9th June