Round 1

By 10th June

Round 2

By 8th July

Round 3

By 5th Aug

Semi Final

By 2nd Sept

 Andy Fisher   Pat Ryan  W/O     Stewart Rump      Stewart Rump        Stewart Rump            
 Pat Ryan
 Stewart Rump   Stewart Rump
 Alan Steptoe
 Phil Cripps   Phil Cripps     Paul Simmons
 Martin Timbrell
 Martin Sharpe   Paul Simmons
 Paul Simmons
 Peter Barltrop   Peter Burgess     Bob Broad         Bob Broad
 Peter Burgess
 Andy Savin   Bob Broad
 Bob Broad
 Mike Miller   Mike Miller     Steve Tight  W/O
 Douglas Brown
 Ian Burns   Steve Tight
 Steve Tight
 Dave White   Dave White     Dave White         Dave White     Mike Woolams            
 Des Watkins
 Alex Hamill   Alex Hamill
 John Stevens
 John Boult   Brian Jones     Brian Jones
 Brian Jones
    Roy Fabry
     Alan Dawes     Alan Dawes                           W/O       Mike Woolams  
     Ken Bell
     Mike Woolams   Mike Woolams
    Dawson  Whitman

                         Dates for the first round must be offered and agreed by Sunday 19th May