1st Round

By 24th May

2nd Round

By 21st June

3rd Round

By 19th July

Semi Final

By 16th Aug


Sat/Sun 1st/2nd Sept

  Peter Tassi  Suzanne Bell

  Alan Steptoe

  Alan Steptoe






  Suzanne Bell
  Alan Steptoe  Alan Steptoe
  Felicity Rees
  Sue Moore

 Paul Simmons

 Paul Simmons
  Paul Simmons

 Ian Burns


 Colin Sharp

  Roger Cantell


 Mike Woolams


 Roger Cantell



 Mike Woolams


 Mike Woolams
   Dawson Whitman
   Andy Savin  Peter Burgess  Peter Burgess  Geraldine Perrin
   Peter Burgess
   Angela Moss   Alan Dawes
   Alan Dawes
   Geraldine Perrin   Geraldine Perrin  Geraldine Perrin
   John Coombes
   Paul Moore  Tanis Hudson
   Tanis Hudson


                           Dates for the first round must be offered and agreed by Thurs 3rd May