Programme 2021 - 2022



 *All meetings will be held via the Zoom platform until further notice*

Thursday 9 September 2021

Chairman's welcome. Members share images taken over the summer.

Sunday 19 September 2021 - 10.30  Field trip: Bawdsey

Thursday 23 September 2021  Chasing the Light with Dave Watts

Thursday 30 September 2021  Open Colour PDI Competition - Judge: Daphne Hanson DPAGB, APAGB

Thursday 14 October 2021  The Art of Macro with Tony North

 Saturday 23 October 2021 - 10.30  Field trip: Freston

Thursday 28 October 2021  Open mono PDI Competition - Judge: Mike Fuller

Thursday, 4th November 2021  Stour Sailing Club's annual photography competition - Judging by MADPS Competition Committee

Bramble Cottage, East Bergholt

Thursday 11 November 2021  Night time/low light PDI Competition - Judge: David Hall LRPS

Sunday 21 November 2021 10.30

Field trip: Colchester Castle Park and First Site

Thursday 25 November 2021  Working with Textures with Jane Lazenby BA (Hons) QTFE,ASEA, SAAPA, QTFE2, UKCPS, LRPS, BPE3*, CPAGB, AFIAP, LMPA, EFIAP

Thursday 9 December 2021  Xmas Social/Quiz

 Sunday 12 December 2021 - 10.00  Field trip: Woodbridge

Thursday 13 January 2022  My Restless Lens with Dr Keith Snell EFIAP EPSA LRPS 

Sunday 23 January 2022 - 10.00  Field trip: Dovercourt

Thursday 27 January 2022  Buildings PDI Competition* - Judge: George Fossey

Thursday 10 February 2022  Day to Night with Jamie Mathlin

Sunday 20 February 2022 - 10.30 Field trip: Felixstowe/Landguard Fort

Thursday 24 February 2022  The Great Outdoors PDI Cmpetition - Judge: Paul Radden DPAGB, EFIAP/b, PSA2

Thursday 10 March 2022  From Home to Tadoba with Tal Chohan

Sunday 20 March 2022  Field trip: Lavenham

Thursday 24 March 2022  On the Street PDI Competition* - Judge: Andy Swain BA(Hons), LRPS, CPAGB

Thursday 31 March 2022  Workshop


Thursday 14 April 2022  Wide-Angle PDI Competition - Judge: David Portwain ARPS, CPAGB

(Provisional) Tuesday 19 April 2022  Granville Foulger Trophy Ipswich

Sunday 24th April Field trip: Bluebells - Dodnash Woods 10.30

Thursday 28 April 2022  The Industrial Tourist – Exploring the Industrial North with Andy Marland


Monday 9th May, 2022  Two-way competition with Harwich & Dovercourt - Judge:

Thursday 12 May 2022  Images of the Year PDI Competition - Judge: Tom Peck

Sunday 22nd May Field Trip: Wrabness 10.30

Thursday 26 May 2022  AGM


  Notes: All outdoor meetings subject to change.

           *  - Competitions requiring one colour and one mono image.

 Themed Competition Guidelines 2021-22

 1.  Night time/low light (11 November):

 Images shot from dusk to dawn or in low light environments, whether natural or created,

 2.  Buildings (27 January):

 Images can include building exteriors, interiors and features such as parts/aspects of a building as well as bridges, other structures and cityscapes.

 3.  The Great Outdoors (24 February):

 Images from all outdoor space, especially wild places used for recreational activities such as hiking or camping.

 4.  On the Street (24 March):

 Images should fall within the broad heading of street photography as “a real, unposed moment”, e.g. they should not have been staged but be chance encounters and random incidents within public places. Images do not necessarily have to be in an urban environment or include people though their presence should be suggested by the subject.

 5.  Wide-angle (14 April):

 Images with a focal length of 35mm or less for full frame or 25mm or less for cameras with smaller sensors with scenes ranging from, for example, wide/expansive landscapes to cramped interiors covering any subject including people, portraits, animals and plants.