5 reasons to Sign up for a VOICE website

VOICE is an easy-to-use website builder available free of charge to all community, not-for-profit, and voluntary organisations. Read our Five reasons for you to sign up for your community group.

One: a VOICE website is FREE for all community, not for profit  and voluntary organisations

Apart from purchasing your domain name ( e.g. www.mycharity.org.uk), when you sign up for a VOICE, website all your costs are covered including annual hosting charges.  Apply  for a free website here. *

Two: easy to use features and tools

The VOICE website design platform is  can  be used to create free-form web pages and content throughout your site. It is designed to be used by someone with no HTML or web development knowledge, and acts similarly to a word processor while editing content.

  • Using our Content Managed System (CMS) is the main method you have for making your site interesting, personalising it, and making it useful to your visitors. With a VOICE website your community group can:
  • Embed Media - add photos and videos to your website, by embedding from Flickr and YouTube, or uploading to your VOICE site's Assets Library.
  • Mobile Device Friendly  - We have responsive themes for page layouts which look great on Desktop, Tablet, or Mobile. Remember 72% of people look at websites on the go via their smart phone
  • Built in Applications - if you are looking to have an events calendar, a poll, a private members area or a blog any of our websites can easily add in a selection of 15 applications with a single click.
  • Website statistics - all visits to your website are recorded, and a daily report is made automatically by the system broken down into a wide variety of categories including the pages that are more commonly visited and the time of day that is most popular.

Three - comprehensive set of documentation free for all adminstrators

Although we try to make the sites as easy to use as possible, due to the large number of powerful features getting started can be daunting. For this reason we have provided a comprehensive set of documentation free to all administrators.

Four -  training sessions for beginners and more advanced

If you and your team want more support to get started Superhighways runs training sessions on a regular basis in several London Boroughs.  Cost is £30 per person with max of 8 learners in any session.

In our beginners session (3 hours) you will learn from scratch how to add pages, images, documents and how to move around as an adminstrator with confidence, The advanced training is looks at adding and managing  applications and how to change the structure of your site. Follow this link to read more and book on the latest training.

FIVE - VOICE customisation and consultancy service

VOICE is an easy to use content management system and you can achieve great results without needing design consultancy service. However sometimes community groups and partnerships need this additional support - particularly if you are working with a number of partners and stakeholders.

Superhighways offers a paid for design consultancy service for London community groups. So whether you are tired of you old site or want to start up something brand new online, we will walk your though the process and customise VOICE to suit your requirements.  Have  look at some of the sites we have worked on.


*We check every application by hand to make sure  your organisation meets the criteria - so it might take a couple of days before your site is confirmed.