Minutes of Meeting, Tuesday, 6th September 2022

The Parish Council met on Tuesday, 6th September in the Evangelical Hall, at 7.30pm



Vice-Chairman Nicholas Lawrence


Councillors: A. Philpott, V. Hare, J. Hughes, S. Venton,  T. Gritton                                      Parishioners: 2


504. Apologies for Absence: Chairman Siddall


505. To invite Councillors to declare an interest in matters on the Agenda. None were declared


506. Minutes 02/08/2022

          RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Parish Council and the Annual Parish Council meeting held

         on 5th July 2022 be approved and confirmed.


507.  a) Planning applications

         b) Planning decisions

         FUL/MAL/21/01224 Section 73A change of use of an existing rural building to a restaurant and

         associated parking. This application was refused by MDC



507.    TCWG & Speed watch

Councillor Gritton had sourced a body cam for approx. £100. All Councillors were in favour of purchasing it for the Speedwatch team. 30 mph signs have appeared on School Road. The Speedwatch team will be in action the week after next.

RESOLVED Councillor Gritton to purchase the camera.


508. Common land

There was a power cut on the right of Plains Road, due to work being done to trim back foliage from the power lines.

The Clerk has ordered the dog waste bin. On the village green the top soil has been put down and grass seed sown. The Farming and Wild Life Advisory group met Councillor Venton and will report back. This will be grant funded for whatever work is needed. Pigeons have been perching on the swings and fouling. Councillor Venton proposed the council buy pigeon spikes. This was seconded by Councillor Gritton.

RESOLVED The Clerk to inform the council when the dog waste bin is ready to be collected and installed. Councillor

Venton to order the pigeon spikes.


509. Locality fund

Councillor Venton has been advised that a £1,500 grant from ECC has been approved. The Parish Council to match this amount, with the £800+ fund money from the Landscape group now being available. The 2 pieces of play equipment total £3,400 in total.

RESOLVED Councillor Venton to order the play equipment.


510. Invoices presented for payment

LT Evangelical Church    hire of hall                                £15.00

R. Collins                         Clerk’s wages 2nd qtr                     £542.80

Skippers                          Grass collecting May 22                £60.00  

The Landscape Centre       topsoil                                           £138.98




511. Correspondence

The Clerk had emailed all correspondence to the councillors.



There being no further business the Vice-Chairman closed the meeting at 8.07pm





                                                                             Signed by the Vice Chairman




Councillor Philpott to fill in Register of Interest

The Clerk may be absent due to moving house

Park and pond update