The Parish Council met on Tuesday, 12th January 2021 7.30 pm via Zoom.



                                                     Chairman: Councillor R. Siddall

                                                     Vice-Chairman N. Lawrence


Councillors: T. Gritton, R. White, V.Hare, S. Venton,                     Also in attendance 2 parishioners


Councillor Mark Durham attended the start of the meeting and spoke on the following:

How ECC are looking to see how they can assist local businesses, including the hospitality sector, during the Covid 19 pandemic. Grants are being provided but some sole traders are falling through the gaps. Infection rates are very high and all the hospitals in Essex are working at capacity. EEC are working with Public Health England to role out the vaccine programme.

Local elections are due in May 2021 but may be put back until November as vaccinations with still be ongoing in May.

Councillor Durham chairs the EEC local highways panel, which needs more members and schemes to fund. So far grants have been given to Great Braxted, Tollesbury and Heybridge Basin. If all of the money is not allocated it may be withdrawn.

The winter hardship fund gave money to families in fuel or food poverty and still has money available also.

Surface water flooding has been a problem in 2020 due to the much larger amount of rain. If anyone notices a problem they should report it to EEC, on their online page.


286. Apologies for Absence: Councillor Hughes


287. To invite Councillors to declare an interest in matters on the Agenda. None were declared


288. Minutes 01/12/2020

RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Parish Council held on the 1st December 2020 be approved and confirmed.


289. a) Planning decisions received from Maldon District Council

       FUL/MAL/20/00910 Demolition and rebuild of outbuilding for use as an annexe for dependent relatives.

       Land adjacent to Little Totham Hall, Church Lane. This was approved.


         FUL/MAL/20/00946 Agricultural building, Pheasant Oak, Green Lane. This was approved.


         FUL/MAL/20/00493 Erection of 13 business and general industrial units. Land south of Beckingham

         Business Park, Beckingham Street, Tolleshunt Major. This was refused.


         FUL/MAL/20/01017 Demolition of existing industrial unit and construction of replacement units.

         Unit 15, Beckingham Business Park, Beckingham Street, Tolleshunt Major. This was approved.


         HOUSE/MAL/20/01152 Single storey rear extension, 10 Sawyers Road This was approved.


         b) Latest planning applications – none received.

               c) Appeals – none received


290. Bridges update

Councillor Lawrence reported that the concrete beams are now on The Common, but the land is too wet to allow them to be installed, plus the machinery is not available yet. The bridge over the footpath that runs from The Swan to The Common is in a bad state; this is the responsibility of ECC. Chairman Siddall had got prices for concrete blocks to

prevent vehicles going on the common. The price is £150 each.

RESOLVED The concrete beams to be installed when conditions allow, possible after the current lockdown.

Councillor Venton to report to ECC the problems with the other bridge. Chairman Siddall to check where the concrete blocks are needed.


291. Essex Forest Initiative

Councillor Venton has put in the submission.

RESOLVED Nothing more to be done until hear back.


292. Memorial plaque update and fencing around the War Memorial

Councillor Lawrence had sent to all Councillors a mock-up of the new plaque. This was discussed. Chairman Siddall

Suggested that there should be 2 plaques – one commemorating the unveiling of the 3 Tommies and the other listing the names of those who died. This was seconded by Councillor Hare. The wording on the commemorative plaque will need changing.

RESOLVED Councillor Lawrence to contact the company again, once Chairman Siddall has provided the new wording.


293. Traffic issues and Community Group update. Traffic survey

The application for the VAS was sent in before Christmas. A previous application for funding was unsuccessful

The Community Group could start up online. Trucam captured one offender in December. The traffic survey was completed by Chairman Siddall.

RESOLVED Councillor Gritton to send in a further application for funding. Councillors Lawrence and

Gritton to set a date on a Saturday in February for the Community Group to have their first online meeting. Chairman Siddall to then put the details on Facebook and send to those who expressed an interest in joining the group.


294 Owl box

RESOLVED Ongoing, as Councillor Hughes was not present at this meeting.


295 Clerk’s wages discussion

The Clerk explained that when she first took over the role it was not known the amount of time it would take. She then kept a log from April 2017 until March 2018 and it averaged out at 14 hours per month. Her wages since 1st quarter 2018 have been £11.5385 per hour. It was proposed this be increased to £12.50 per hour, plus a bonus. This was seconded by Councillor Lawrence.

RESOLVED Chairman Siddall to contact Autela – the payroll company.


295 Invoices presented for payment

There were no invoices due for payment.


296. Correspondence

The Clerk had sent the Parish Councillors all Coronavirus emails and those from MDC and EALC. There was a discussion as to how many emails the Clerk should send to the Councillors and it was decided she should send all relevant ones, and the Councillors could decide which ones they need to action.

RESOLVED The Clerk to continue to email all correspondence while the meetings are held online.


297. Update from the District Councillor

Councillor Siddall is now involved in emergency measures re: Covid 19. Since December the reception area at MDC has been used as a vaccination centre.

Maldon Town Hall has been set up to provide Covid 19 testing kits, for individuals or families. Councillor Siddall to update Facebook with current Covid 19 information.

The new accessible play garden in Promenade Park should be finished by May 2021.

MDC is currently setting budgets for 2021/22. They have had Government grants, but have lost a lot of revenue

from car parks etc.

The 5 year land supply has been affected by the lack of new building being done due to the pandemic.

New offices for MDC are still being discussed, as the current building is too big. It is a possibility that MDC will stay in the present offices and rent out the spare space to promote small enterprises. Part funding may be available from Magnox.


There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.50 p.m.




Signed by the Chairman ………………………




The Clerk to prepare the VAT return