Minutes of Meeting, Tuesday 7th July 2020


The Parish Council met on Tuesday, 7th July at 7.30 pm via Zoom. Th Annual Parish Council meeting, that was due to take place before the monthly meeting, was postponed until all Councillors could be present



Chairman: Councillor R. Siddall


Councillors: S. Venton, T. Gritton, R. White                                                       Also in attendance 7 parishioners


213. Apologies for Absence Apologies were received from Councillors Hughes, Hare and Lawrence

214. To invite Councillors to declare an interest in matters on the Agenda. No interests were declared.

215. Minutes 2/6/2020

RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Parish Council held on the 2nd June 2020 be approved and confirmed.


216. a) Planning decisions received from Maldon District Council

         FUL/MAL/20/00062 Demolition of existing outbuildings and construction of 2 detached residential

         dwellings with associated landscaping and vehicle parking. Agricultural barns adjacent 31 Plains

         Road, Great Totham. This application was refused.


         b) Latest planning applications

         20/00493/FUL Erection of 13 Business and General Industrial Units (Use classes B1b, B1c, Office Block

         (Use class B1a) and Café (Use Class A3) complete with related infrastructure including road, parking

         Spaces, drainage, landscaping an ecological area. Land south of Beckingham Business Park, Beckingham

         Street, Tolleshunt Major.

         This was discussed at length. Councillor White objected as more vehicles would go through Little Totham and

         she has already had her garden and fencing damaged by lorries, with 30 – 40 vehicles passing her house

        every 10 minutes. Councillor Venton said the volume of traffic put too much pressure on the infrastructure and

         the business park is too far from main routes. Councillor Gritton remarked that Little Totham is very small, with

         very few pavements and dangerous with so many vehicles already passing through the village.

         Chairman Siddall explained that all objections must have solid planning reasons. This application has already

         been put forward to the North West Planning Committee and Chairman Siddall has also contacted MP Priti

         Patel, Councillor Kevin Bentley and Councillor Mark Durham. The debate was then opened up to the    

         Parishioners; who made the following points:

         2 lorries cannot pass each other in the narrower parts of the road through Little Totham and it is dangerous

         to walk along the road.

       Speed calming measures are needed.

         Could there be a new road out of the back of the business park, directly onto the Goldhanger Road?

         Over the last few years the dynamics of Little Totham has changed with more children in the village and

       residents are concerned that one day there will be an accident, caused by the speed and size of vehicles.

         Chairman Siddall responded to all of these points and advised residents they could put up “slow down” signs in

         their gardens (but not on the side of the road).

         RESOLVED The Parish Council objects to this planning application. Chairman Siddall to draw up a

         reply based on planning matters only and forward it to the Clerk to send to MDC.




217. Memorial plaque update and fencing around the War Memorial

As Councillor Lawrence did not attend there was no update on the plaque. Chairman Siddall proposed that the

temporary wooden fencing around the memorial be replaced by metal fencing.

RESOLVED Councillor Lawrence to report on the plaque next month. Chairman Siddall to look into the costings for metal fencing.




218. Playground Inspection

Councillor Venton had contacted Wicksteed, who carried out the last playground inspection and it is due to be

done in September.

RESOLVED Councillor Venton to report when it has been done.


219. Invoices presented for payment


Autela Group      £45.17             Payroll services including End of Year submission


220. Correspondence

All the correspondence received from MDC and EALC by the Clerk during the Coronavirus lockdown had been forwarded by email to the Councillors.

A Community Infrastructure Levy has been proposed and 2 Councillors can attend the online meeting. Councillors

White and Gritton volunteered.

RESOLVED The Clerk to sign them up for the meeting and continue to email any other correspondence while the lockdown continues.


221. Update from the District Councillor

Councillor Siddall reported on the consultation for Bradwell B. The 2nd period of consultation begins this week. There are concerns about the amount of traffic will be generated – in Danbury 700 HGVs will pass through every day while the groundworks are being done. Long term a wharf will be built at Bradwell to bring in materials by sea.

At MDC council meeting it was proposed that the Joint Standards Committee would be revised so it was politically balanced. This was agreed with only 1 Councillor voting against it.

At MDC the offices will now reopen and planning visits etc will re-commence.

Covid 19 has had a serious impact on the finances at MDC.


The roles for the next year for the Parish Councillors were then discussed with the following being allocated:


Councillor Venton           playground, open spaces

Councillor White            common areas, neighbourhood watch + work with Councillor Venton

Councillor Gritton             traffic management

Councillor Lawrence         community speedwatch

Councillor Hare               to be discussed at the net meeting

Councillor Hughes           to be discussed at the next meeting



There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.57 p.m.




Signed by the Chairman ………………………




Annual Parish Council meeting