Minutes of Meeting, Tuesday 6th August 2019


The Parish Council met on Tuesday, 6th August 2019 at 7.30 pm in the Evangelical Church Hall.





Chairman: Councillor R Siddall

Vice-Chairman: Councillor N. Lawrence


Councillors: , J Hughes, S. Venton, A Cater-Hughes, P. Cornell          Also in attendance 4 parishioners


459. Apologies for Absence Valerie Hare.


460. To invite Councillors to declare an interest in matters on the Agenda. Chairman Siddall and Councillor

Hughes declared an interest in Planning Application 19/00772/FUL


461. Minutes 2/7/2019

RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Parish Council held on the 2nd July 2019 be approved and confirmed.


461. a) Planning decisions received from Maldon District Council

         No decisions were received.

       b) Latest planning applications

         19/00741 Part outline/part detailed application for mixed use development. Land at Broad Street Green Road

         and Langford Road and Maypole Road, Great Totham.

         The Parish Council had no comment to make on the application,

        19/00772/FUL Change of use from a veterinary building to a 2 bedroom residential dwelling (class c3) for an

         Assistant Manager of the associated greyhound business. Clarks Farm Greyhound Rescue Centre, Clarks Farm,

         Wash Lane.

         The Parish Council supported this application with the proviso that the dwelling must be tied to the business and

         for the use of the Assistant Manager only.

         c) Planning appeals

         19/00741 (as above). The Parish Council had no comment to make.



462. Review of handover of portfolios.

Chairman Siddall had a meeting with Councillor Lawrence and all the highways information has now been handed over.

Chairman Siddall handed over all the information on village land and commons to Councillors Venton and Cornell.

Chairman Siddall suggested that Councillors Hughes and Cater-Hughes work together on the community speed watch,

Waste collecting, anti-social behaviour. Councillor Hughes to undertake the neighbourhood watch scheme.

RESOLVED Chairman Siddall to send in forms regarding the 20mph speed limit. Councillors Hughes and Cater-Hughes to attend speed-watch training.


463. Register of Interests

RESOLVED Councillor Cater-Hughes and Cornell to send Register of Interests forms electronically to Chairman Siddall. Councillor Cater-Hughes to also send a copy to The Clerk.


464. Village space and open land

Councillor Venton has applied for a micro-grant. The excavation of the pond, it was agreed, will now not be until 2020.

The woodland in Sawyers field is overgrown and MDC need to maintain it.

RESOLVED Chairman Siddall to contact MDC again about the woodland. When the work is done to look into leasing Sawyers Field. Councillor Hughes to investigate costs of digging out the pond and disposing of the earth.


465. Bridge onto Common update

RESOLVED Councillor Hare to keep the Parish Council informed as to the progress.


466. Essex Info website

This will shortly be closed. Another Parish Council had been in contact suggesting they set up another website themselves.

RESOLVED Chairman Siddall to look into costings for him to do it himself, rather than use a 3rd party.


467. Playground Inspection

Will be done this month. A request had come in under the Freedom of Information Act requesting information as to how many playgrounds there are in Little Totham and how long have they been there and what is the square footage.

RESOLVED When have results of the inspection, can see what needs to be done. Councillor Hare to provide the information for the Freedom of Information request.


468. Overgrown verges

The Clerk reported to Highways that the verges in Scraley Road are very overgrown and make it difficult to see on-coming traffic and pedestrians.

RESOLVED The verges have now been cut, but in future will not be done until later in the year.


469. Traffic issues over the last month

Posts were knocked down for the 3rd time, in The Street outside a parishioners house. There was then a discussion into the possibility of buying a speed device, which takes the speed and registration of the car. The cost would be approximately £6,000. Village resident PC Keith Gazzard carried out a speed check this month and caught 5 vehicles in one hour.

Wicks Farm drivers are going too fast through the village. The survey carried out last year has been sent to EEC, but no results have been issued yet.

RESOLVED Councillor Lawrence to contact Wilkins and Clarks to see if they will contribute to the cost of the speed device, with Chairman Siddall contacting the Commodity Centre. Councillor Lawrence to speak to the Howies at Wicks Farm about the drivers going too fast.


470. War memorial update

This has now been registered at the Imperial War Museum an also Memorials Online.

RESOLVED To add this to the website.


471. New Telegraph Pole

The Clerk received an email from Openreach, requesting permission to erect a telephone pole on common land behind Poplars, so that wires from a high voltage power pole could then be removed, as a dangerous safety issue.

RESOLVED Permission was given by the Parish Council. The Clerk to contact Openreach to advise there is a similar situation between Five Rooves and the water pumping station and should a new telephone pole also be erected there.


472. Invoices presented for payment


Little Totham Evangelical Church    £15.00       Hire of hall (paid by standing order)

MDC                                                £69.15        Election charges    

MDC                                                £116.78     Trucam Apr - June

R. Collins                                           £60.00       Petty cash

Skippers                                             £402.00       grass cutting and collecting                 


473. Correspondence

A thank you letter was received from the Lord of the Manor for inviting him to the memorial unveiling

EALC Mental Health training letter

Essex future library services strategy

MDC local development plan viability assessment process

Meet Up Mondays – being set up in villages where villagers can meet for a coffee and cake and get to know other residents

125 Years of the Parish Council – communication from EALC.

Essex Info Update on closure

Footpath closure

Parish Clerks forum notes

Bank mandate

MDC communication consultation – given to Chairman Siddall to action

Collapsing ditch near village pump – Chairman Siddall contacting ECC

RESOLVED Non specific items were placed in the correspondence folder for circulation to all Councillors.


There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.50 p.m.




Signed by The Chairman ……………………………………….


Financial report