Minutes of Meeting, Tuesday 4th February 2020


The Parish Council met on Tuesday, 4th February at 7.30 pm in the Evangelical Church Hall.



Chairman: Councillor R. Siddall

           Vice-Chairman: Councillor N. Lawrence


Councillors: J. Hughes, S. Venton, J. Hughes                                                       Also in attendance 8 parishioners


546. Apologies for Absence A. Cater-Hughes and P. Cornell did not attend.


547. To invite Councillors to declare an interest in matters on the Agenda. No interests were declared.


548. Minutes 7/01/2020

RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Parish Council held on the 7th January 2020 be approved and confirmed.


549. a) Planning decisions received from Maldon District Council

         HOUSE/MAL/19/01219 Two storey side extension, additional dormer window to rear and removal of

         three outbuildings and eastern side projection. Moors Farm, Moors Farm Chase. This was approved.


        Change of use of agricultural land to form part of the residential garden. Land adjoining Oakwood Cottage

         Green Lane. This was approved.

       b) Latest planning applications

         19/01300/HOUSE. Single storey rear extension. The Parish Council had no comment to make.  


550. V.E. day

8th May 2020. Proposed that there would be a beacon lit (bonfire) behind The Swan, also a barbeque and music of the

period. Chairman Siddall suggested we need a village fund - via donations – to fund events such as this and also to build the pavilion on Sawyers field and create a wildlife area. Councillors were asked if they could help the Chairman and Phil Cornell plan the events for V.E. day.

RESOLVED Councillor Hughes volunteered to help.


551. Village open spaces – work conducted by MDC, Community payback team

The community payback team worked every Monday and Thursday in January on the common, pond area and the path

through the wood to the brook. The area by the pond will be cleaned-up on the 17/2/10 and the debris will be removed. Peter Hare was asked if he could provide a trailer to move the debris, once it had been chipped. A skip is being provided for free and parishioners will be asked if they want any chippings. The community payback team worked 3 days in December and 8 days in January.

It was proposed that some of £800 landscape money be used to plant the area near the pond.

Fencing around the Tommies is needed, as rabbits are eating the plants.

A parishioner had contacted the Parish Council to advise that the path onto the common from Office Lane is totally overgrown and the bridge has disappeared.

RESOLVED The landscape committee to be contacted. Due to the increased area of grass to be mowed, once the Parish Council is responsible for Sawyers field, it was decided to go out to tender for this service. Dean James to sort out removable fencing around the Tommies, so the area can be accessed when needed.

A donation to be made to the Evangelical Church fore opening up facilities in December for the payback team. Chairman Siddall to talk with David Brewer of the Evangelical Church to sort out payments going forward.

Chairman Siddall and Councillor Venton to inspect the footpath onto the common on 6.2.20


552. Spring Clean

It was suggested this should be carried out over a number of days to allow more people to take part.

RESOLVED Councillor Hughes to organize


553. Community speed watch

Councillor Lawrence attended a training session and the Parish Council now has its own speed camera, 3 hi-viz jackets and warning signs.

RESOLVED Councillor Lawrence to contact the trained volunteers and get the speed watch started. Councillor Lawrence also contacted MDC, as his car, which advises of speed limits, states Plains Road is 30 mph. Currently waiting for MDC to confirm.


554. Traffic issues over the last month, road repairs

Chairman Siddall still chasing replies to highway applications. Councillor Lawrence spoke to the Highways Department about cutting back foliage around road signs.



555. Memorial plaque update

RESOLVED Councillor Lawrence still working on.


556. Clerk’s report

The Clerk has filed a VAT return for £286.98, covering the period 1/4/19 to 31/12/19.

She had been contacted by the MDC Community Protection Team Services asking for requirements for 2020/21. This was discussed. The Trucam patrols in December caught 4 offenders.

RESOLVED The Clerk to contact MDC and request 2 hours on Trucam monitoring per month, during rush hours.


557. Owl boxes

It was suggested that owl boxes be placed in trees on the common.

RESOLVED Councillor Hughes to contact her neighbour, who is an authority on owls, to find out when and where would be the best place for them.



558. Co-option of new Parish Councillors

2 Parish Councillor have resigned this month.

RESOLVED The Clerk to prepare the notice of Casual Vacancies and post on the noticeboard and send to MDC.


559. Invoices presented for payment

Little Totham Evangelical Church    £15.00       Hire of hall (paid by standing order)

MDC                                              £233.57     Trucam Oct – Dec 19

Skippers                                             £306.00     grass cutting Nov 19 – Jan 20

Little Totham Evangelical Church     £30.00       opening of hall in December for Community payback team


560. Correspondence and update from District Councillor

A letter had been received from MP Priti Patel regarding the proposed Rivenhall incinerator

MDC had sent a newsletter stating that in a recent poll, Maldon came out the 5th best place to live in England.

A leaflet was received regarding fireworks for V.E. day celebrations.

A poster had been received promoting fostering of children.

Chairman Siddall has been asked to attend a Buckingham Palace garden party in recognition of his work in Little Totham.


District Councillor update

Barges on The Quay. Moorage fees to go up by 10% this year and a meeting to be held with the barge owners to discuss further increases.

Taxis – a consultation to commence on the possibility of using only electric cars.

Car parking charges in Maldon are to increase.

Councillor Siddall is pressing for a bus service for local villages, similar to the Dengie bus/taxi service.

Bradwell B power station it at the consultation stage – which could take 5 – 7 years, looking at the infra-structure as thousands of people will be needed to build and maintain it.

MDC will be setting their budget next week.




RESOLVED The correspondence was put in a folder to be circulated to all Parish Councillors. District Councillor Siddall to continue to report what is happening at MDC.


There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.45 p.m.




Signed by The Chairman ……………………………………….




Hare coursing

Neighbourhood watch