Minutes of Meeting, Tuesday 2nd September 2019


The Parish Council met on Tuesday, 2nd September 2019 at 7.30 pm in the Evangelical Church Hall.





Chairman: Councillor R. Siddall


Councillors: S. Venton, A. Cater-Hughes, V. Hare          Also in attendance 2 parishioners


474. Apologies for Absence Councillors J. Hughes and Parish Clerk R. Collins


475. Absent: N. Lawrence (Vice-Chairman) and Councillor P. Cornell

Parish Clerk: R. Collins


476. To invite Councillors to declare an interest in matters on the Agenda. None


477. Minutes 6/8/2019

RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Parish Council held on the 6th August 2019 be approved and confirmed.


478. a) Planning decisions received from Maldon District Council

FUL/MAL/19/00327 Section 73 Application for the retention of stables, land rear of Renters Cottages, School Road

This was approved by Maldon District Council

       b) Latest planning applications

         19/00835/FUL Application for a replacement dwelling. Tarrywood Tan, Park Wood Lane

         The Parish Council supported this application, as we feel it would be an improvement on the current dwelling.

       c) Planning appeals




479. Village Open Day/civic service

Councillors Cater-Hughes and Cater Hughes to represent the parish council at the village open day event on the 7th September 2019 at the Swan public house.

Chairman Siddall to attend the Civic Service


480. Bridge onto common update

Councillor Hare has been investigating the options to repair the bridge onto the common. The size (14ft x 16ft) of the gap makes this more difficult than the previous bridge repair. The option of steel girders was deemed too costly and cumbersome.

RESOLVED: Councillor Hare to investigate cost of two telegraph poles to act as the supports for the bridge.


481. Essex Info website

With the forthcoming closure of the Essex info website Councillor Siddall has been exploring the cost of hosting on a different site and maintaining this himself. This will provide Little Totham with their own web page

RESOLVED: The cost of this is £6 a month Councillor proposed this motion, seconded by Councillor Hughes, the council approved this cost.


482. Playground inspection review

Inspection reports were received from the play inspection company for the play equipment at Sawyers field and the small green. There were no major concerns from the reports with councillor Venton also inspecting the equipment himself. It was noted that the swing seats were deteriorating with black rubber coming off on those using the equipment.

RESOLVED: Councillor Venton to explore the cost of replacing the two cradle swing seats at the small green. Councillor Siddall to send the report for Sawyers field to MDC to resolve any issues ahead of any possible transfer of responsibility to the Parish Council.


483. New Telegraph pole request

RESOLVED: Permission for this was previously given by the council and therefore this will be removed from the agenda, if an update is received it will be discussed at that time.


484. Traffic Issues over the last month

No specific issues were noted. Councillor Siddall has applied for the traffic calming measures which will go to the next highways panel. It was noted that the use of the speed rangers has previously had a noticeable effect on the level of speeding through the village.

RESOLVED: Councillor Siddall proposed increasing the use of the speed rangers from 1 hour a month to 2 hours a month at a cost of £35 an hour. This was seconded by councillor Venton.


485. Community speed watch

RESOLVED: Councillors Hughes and Cater-Hughes to organise and attend speed-watch training. To come to the next meeting with a plan for the implementation. To have liaised with the speed watch team, to schedule dates for its implementation and conduct.


486. Village open spaces

The area in and around the village pond continues to be overgrown with brambles and trees. The application for a micro-grant from the EALC to help restore the village pond was refused so councillor Venton to explore other avenues of funding. Currently there is £1000 in the budget to improve village open spaces but this is not enough to do everything the parish council would like to.
RESOLVED: Councillor Venton to explore other funding opportunities and following the work last year to prioritise how we can start to address the overgrown village pond on the small green.


487. Clerk’s finance report

As the clerk was absent from the meeting this was not discussed


488. Invoices presented for payment

The absence of an additional signatory meant that no invoices were presented, these will be signed after the meeting.


489. Corrrespondence

RESOLVED: Non-specific items were placed in the correspondence folder for circulation to all Councillors.


There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.15 p.m.




Signed by The Chairman ……………………………………….



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