Minutes of Meeting, Tuesday 2nd April 2019


The Parish Council met on Tuesday, 2nd April 2019 at 7.30 pm in the Evangelical Church Hall.




CHAIRMAN: Councillor Mr R Siddall

Vice-Chairman: Councillor Mr P. Cornell


Councillors: P Wakelin, V Hare                                       Also in attendance 7 parishioners


400. Apologies for Absence Councillor Vango Searle has now resigned and did not attend


The Chairman announced that this was Councillor Wakelin’s last meeting and he thanked Councillor Wakelin for his 57 years service to the village and the Parish council. Councillor Wakelin was formally invited to the annual parish meeting so that the council can make a formal recognition of his service. The parish council would appreciate that as many of the villagers as possible to attend the meeting, to join in the tribute to Councillor Wakelin.



401. To invite Councillors to declare an interest in matters on the Agenda. No interests were declared.


402. Minutes 5/3/2019

RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Parish Council held on the 5th March 2019 be approved and confirmed.


403. a) Planning decisions received from Maldon District Council

         FUL/MAL/18/01473 Change of use from Sui Generis to a 2 bedroom residential dwelling. Clarks Farm, Wash

         Lane. The Council refused this application.


         FUL/MAL/19/00100 Three bed bungalow. Land between 4 Oaktrees and Lee Cottages. The Street.

         The Council approved this application.


         HOUSE/MAL/19/00079 Single storey rear extension and extension to the roof. 2 Ramblers, Wash Lane

         The Council approved this application.


       b) Latest planning applications

        19/00219/FUL Section 73A application for the retention of stables and use of land for keeping of horses with

         related hardstanding. Land opposite Sheepcoates Hall, Sheepcoates Lane.

         The Parish Council objects to this application for the following reasons: Outside defined areas, permanent

         structures in breach of conditions BE1. CON5 contamination of water course from horse waste. Impact of

         site and surroundings BE1


         19/00218/FUL Section 73A application for the retention of stables and use of land for keeping of horses with

         related hardstanding. Land on south side, Park Wood Lane

         The Parish Council objects to this application for the following reasons: Outside defined area, permanent

         structures in breach of conditions BE1. Impact of site and surroundings BE1. S2 development outside boundary.


         19/00327/FUL Retention of stables. Land rear of Renters Cottages, School Road

         The Parish Council approved this application with the comment that the stables must be screened by means of

         hedging along the boundary with Renters Cottages, so the stables are not an eyesore for residents of the cottages.

         This is an established business and is continuing to grow.  


         c) Planning appeals

        No planning appeals were received.




404. Update on traffic movement

During April 2019 there were 7 captures by Trucam. From May 2019 the hours will be reduced to 1 a month, during rush hours.

RESOLVED No further updates on traffic movement were discussed.



405. Update on EALC application

Chairman Siddall and Vice Chairman Cornell had submitted the application but this is now on hold as the forms have changed and new ones will have to be completed.



406. New Councillors and election.

Chairman Siddall confirmed that 7 people had completed the nomination forms, for 7 places so there should not need to be an election, unless more people come forward.

RESOLVED Awaiting results from MDC.


407. Update on sign for Sawyers Field entrance.

RESOLVED The sign has now been received and will shortly be fixed to the gate.


408. Permanent “Tommy” war memorial

Chairman Siddall sent in the planning application form, but MDC replied stating more detail was needed. The positioning of the Tommies was discussed.

RESOLVED Councillor Cornell to contact an architect he knows to help with the application. All Councillors to get involved with sourcing sleepers. A parishioner volunteered her husband to do the concreting for the base. Councillor Hare to ask Peter Hare if he could help with the welding of the Tommies to make them into one unit.


409. Litter picking 13th April, 10.30am

This has been advertised on the website and in the newsletter but more volunteers are needed. Councillor Hare has purchased litter picking devices and hi-vis jackets.

RESOLVED Councillor Hare to contact MDC regarding the disposal of the litter.


410. Classic Vehicle Event 25th May 2019

The Clerk had contacted Skippers to get an estimate for the extra work of collecting the grass cuttings and depositing in the corner of the common   The amount is £40.00 plus VAT, just for this one event.

RESOLVED The Clerk to contact the event organiser and the Church to ask them to fund this extra amount.


411. Bridge onto common

Peter Hare has checked the bridge and new timber is needed, approximately £250.00. A parishioner had contacted the Parish Council regarding rusty barbed wire along the footpath, which is dangerous and her dog had been hurt.

RESOLVED Peter Hare to purchase the timber and fix the bridge. Councillor Hare to check where the wire is and get it removed.


412. Tarry Wood caravan and lorry movement in Park Wood Lane.

A caravan has appeared in Park Wood Lane, near Tarry Wood. The Parish Council has not seen a planning application for this. Lorry movement in the early hours of the morning, going to the storage unit (previously the poultry sheds) was reported by a parishioner

RESOLVED The Clerk to contact the enforcement officer regarding both matters.


413. Annual Parish Council meeting 7th May and Annual Parish Meeting 10th May.

The Annual Parish Council meeting will take place at 7.30pm on the 7th May, immediately followed by the normal monthly meeting. The Annual Parish meeting will be on the 19th May, starting at 7pm.

RESOLVED Chariman Siddall to contact Priti Patel, MP, Councillor Mark Durham and The Leader of Maldon District Council to see if they will attend the Annual Parish meeting and give a short talk on their work. Councillor Cornell to contact Keith Gazzard. The Clerk to contact Vivienne Smith and Maldon Police Force.


414. Invoices presented for payment


Little Totham Evangelical Church    £15.00       Hire of hall (paid by standing order)

R. Collins                                                              Clerk’s wages, 4th quarter (dated 25/3/19)

MDC                                                £229.46     Trucam Jan – March 2019

Autela                                            £33.00         Payroll services                      


415. Correspondence

Trucam for 2019/2010 – one hour per month

MDC Corporate plan

Code of conduct training 22nd May

EALC County update and membership – this was discussed and agreed to stay a member for this year.

MDC newsletter on High Street funding

A letter had been received from a parishioner regarding Gaelform, on Beckingham Business Park. This was discussed but the Parish Council concluded there was no action they could take.

The Clerk reported she had submitted a VAT return to reclaim £730.91


There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.40 p.m.




Signed by The Chairman ……………………………………….




Portfolios for new Councillors

The Clerk to present the accounts for 2018/19

Speed check sign

Broadband speeds