Minutes of Meeting, Tuesday 11th August 2020


The Parish Council met on Tuesday, 11th August at 7.30 pm via Zoom.



Chairman: Councillor R. Siddall


Councillors: S. Venton, T. Gritton, R. White, V. Hare                                        Also in attendance 3 parishioners


222. Apologies for Absence Apologies were received from Councillors Hughes and Lawrence


223. To invite Councillors to declare an interest in matters on the Agenda. Councillor Gritton expressed an interest in Planning Application 20/00601/FUL The Bungalow, Green Lane.


224. Minutes 7/7/2020

RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Parish Council held on the 7th July 2020 be approved and confirmed.


225. a) Planning decisions received from Maldon District Council

         No decisions were received.


         b) Latest planning applications

         20/00601/FUL Section 73A application for the refurbishment and the change of use associated land to

         residential (C3) The Bungalow, Green Lane. The Parish Council supports this application

         20/00678/FUL Demolition of existing outbuildings an construction of 2 detached residential dwellings

         with associated landscaping and vehicle parking. Agricultural barns adjacent 31 Plains Rd. Gt. Totham

         The Parish Council supports this application.

         20/00590/FUL Conversion of existing barn to holiday accommodation including creation of first floor

         and alterations to roof and fenestration. The Barn, Park Wood Lane. The Parish Council has no

         comment to make on this application


226. Memorial plaque update and fencing around the War Memorial

As Councillor Lawrence did not attend there was no update on the plaque. Chairman Siddall delegated the

fencing around the memorial to be replaced by metal fencing task to Councillor White, who suggested a

seat was incorporated into the design.

RESOLVED Councillor Lawrence to report on the plaque next month. Councillor White to look into the costings for the fencing and bench.


227. Playground Inspection

Councillor Venton reported the inspection had been carried out. A few items need to be repaired.

RESOLVED Councillor Venton to contact Nick Phillips and ask if he will do the work and at what cost.







228. Traffic issues update

Councillor Gritton and Councillor Lawrence had received 6 positive responses to starting up CSW again in September.

At the last meeting complaints were received about Clarks lorries once again travelling too fast through the village.

Buying a mobile speed camera was again discussed.

RESOLVED Councillor Lawrence to sort out starting up CSW. Councillor Lawrence and Gritton to work together on the problem of Clarks lorries. Councillor Gritton to contact Clarks, Wilkins etc about asking them to help fund a permanent flashing sign and also the cost of installing 2 webcams to show damage caused by lorries.


229. Community Infrastructure Levy update

2 of the Councillors logged into the meeting, but did not find the presentation good and the content poor. However there is money available for local projects.

RESOLVED Councillor Venton to fill in forms to try and get money for traffic calming measures.


230. Maintenance of Plains

The Community Payback team are still not working (and wouldn’t be able to use the facilities in the Evangelical Hall)

RESOLVED Councillor Venton is doing work abound the pond, removing tree stumps etc. During litter picking in September weeding and planting around pond could also be done; the date suggested was 26th September.


231. Memorial Bench

Tina Vango-Searle’s family requested a memorial bench for her in Sawyers Field; this is moving forward at MDC. The family have already chosen the bench. After it had been there 5 years MDC would charge £75 a year to maintain the


RESOLVED The bench to be listed as a village asset so would not incur this charge.


232. Invoices presented for payment


MDC                                           Trucam

The Playground inspection Co.     Playground inspections


233. Correspondence

All the correspondence received from MDC and EALC by the Clerk during the Coronavirus lockdown had been forwarded by email to the Councillors.

RESOLVED The Clerk to continue to email all correspondence while the lockdown continues.


234. Update from the District Councillor

Councillor Siddall reported that Maldon High Street may become one-way as part of the lower High Street development plan.

Bradwell B was turned down but there is a further council meeting about it this week. The 2nd period of consultation begins this week.

Wykes Hill development was also turned down as there is no guarantee a relief road would be built. This is now going back to the Planning Committee.

Unitary Authorities – there is a Government white paper to make bigger councils by amalgamating them. Parish Councils could get more powers if this happens.

There were 2 resignations at MDC last week and the Council is likely to lose its Tory majority.

Monday to Wednesday throughout August parking is free in the car parks from 11am to 3pm to allow people to take advantage of the discount on eating out.



There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.40 p.m.




Signed by the Chairman ………………………




Annual Parish Council meeting