Minutes of Annual Parish Council Meeting, Tuesday 7th May 2019


The Parish Council met on Tuesday, 7th May 2019 at 7.30 pm in the Evangelical Church Hall.




Councillors: R. Siddall, V Hare


1.19. Introduction of new Councillors: Nick Lawrence, Amy Cater-Hughes and Jade Hughes introduced themselves.

They were then given the Declaration of Acceptance of Office, Councillor’s details form and Code of Conduct. The Declarations were signed and witnessed by the Clerk. The new Councillors were advised they must complete the Register of Interests form, online to MDC within 28 days and send copies to the Clerk.


2.19. The election of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman, followed by receipt of the Declaration of Office.

Councillor Lawrence proposed and Councillor Cater-Hughes seconded Councillor Siddall to return as Chairman.

Councillor Siddall proposed and Councillor Hare seconded Councillor Lawrence to be Vice-Chairman.

The Declarations of Office were then signed and witnessed by the Clerk.


3.19. Review of the Committee structure

Not applicable.


4.19. Review of policies, standing orders and financial regulations.

2 amendments had been made to the standing orders, part 3. Meetings Generally. f) that the amount of time a member of the public should speak was reduced from 5 minutes to no more than 3 minutes. t) speeches by a Councillor shall relate only to the motion under discussion and shall not exceed 5 minutes (formerly 10 minutes) without the consent of the Chairman of the meeting.

These were approved and the new Councillors were advised to familiarize themselves with all policies, standing orders and financial regulations.


5.19. Asset Register

The Clerk had reviewed the asset register and increased the value of the The Green and the village green by 3%. It was discussed and agreed that the value of The Tommies should be included and the bridges over the brook.


6.19 The Chairman to review and approve the financial return and annual accounts.

These were presented by the Clerk and copies of the outgoings for 2018/2019 and estimated costs for 2019/2020 were handed out to all Councillors. The Chairman then signed off the accounts.


7.19 Appointment of Internal Auditor

Margaret Chambers was asked if, once again, she would undertake the internal audit, which she agreed to do.




There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.00 p.m.




Signed by The Chairman …………………………………