Life Coach Near Me was created to meet the ever increasing demand of clients needing help and guidance during these unprecedented times. With many clients not knowing where to look for help, Life Coach Near Me aims to become the leading directory and resource for clients and Life coaches and NLP practitioners to enable them to connect with one another and make a real difference so would make a real difference including in the area.

We have been featured in as well as other repected organisations around the UK. 

Ove the last year or so people have been struggling in isolation or in small social bubbles the result of social distancing measures. It is of course possible to connect with people Virtually on Zoom or Microsoft Teams or hire a Zoom Magician, book a Cocktail masterclass or something else where you can no doubt have lots of fun, but behind this facade people are left vulnerable and isolated.

Here at life coach near me we connect you with a supportive group outside of an entertainment and social get-together and help you navigate any difficulties you ma be facing as a result of Covid-19.

We offer free and paid resources to help you unlock your potential and fnd true happiness. Our Life Coaches and NLP practitioners are professionally trained and can make a real difference to your mental health and wellbeing. 

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